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  • Topolino Carbon Core KOM [en] (21/12/2007 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    The newest Topolino Carbon Core wheels were unveiled at the Interbike about two months ago, where they generated quite a lot of interest. We covered briefly this important United-States
    event  through an…
  • Storck frames fatigue test (13/12/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    The italien website has presented a video from Youtube about the Storck frames fatigue test. Simply amazing, we can realize how much the high-end frames, very stiff where
    needed, can be elastic elsewhere and resistant everywhere. Thanks to…
  • Special Ergopowers for pro teams (03/12/2007 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Vicence, 3 december 2007 – The pro team sponsorised by Campagnolo will receive Ergopowers with red logos. This solution has been chosen to differenciate them from the stock shifters. Why? Pro
    riders wanted Campagnolo to provide Ergopower…
  • Michelin Pro3 Race [en] (30/11/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    We spoke about Michelin Pro3 Race clinchers all the summer. Their performances seem exceptionnal and are even higher than the Pro2 which were already among the most performant tires. The
    cornering grip is increased of 27% and the rolling resistance is…
    • Mig45 – Mag150: blue is right (28/11/2007 publié dans :
      Montages high-tech / High end builts

      We are working on a special wheel project and thought it was worth to show you the neat and glossy « Lupinus » Tune hubs. Blue anodized, those Mig45 and Mag150 are super light with only 49g
      and 157g. They both feature a carbon axle and carbon…
    • L’acheteur Cycliste, december/january edition (26/11/2007 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Divers / Off-topic )
      The December/January double edition of the french magasine l’Acheteur Cycliste has been released. Several interesting threads are covered for passionnated cyclists. First, a cool DVD of the
      Eurobike that contents interviews, videos and…
    • Available in 24 hours! (22/11/2007 publié dans : « categorie-10148937.html »>Boutique )
      The wheels offered in this section are available in 24 hours. The items, sometimes on special offer, are one-off. So it is highly advised to contact us as soon as possible if you are
      interested. Lew – Tune – 1038g Rims: Lew Racing PRO VT-1 – tubular Hubs: Tune Mig70 -…
    • Lew Racing Pro VT-1, a ride with the angels… (19/11/2007 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Matériel || Stuff)
      For the story, we have been tested several high-end wheelsets earl in October for the December edition of the French magazine “L’Acheteur Cycliste”. The results were really
      surprising, at least for the Lew Racing Pro VT-1 wheelset that performed quite bad in term…
    • Lightweight rear derailleur tuned by Sebastian Roth (18/11/2007 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Bidouilles 🙂)
      Sebastian Roth: remember his name. He is German and he is used to tuning his components to make them as light as possible, while retaining full functionality. His latest project is the
      Lightweight rear derailleur. The claimed weight of this component – not available yet – is 120g. He…
    • Lew Pro VT-1 Tune version and Clydesdale White Industries (17/11/2007 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Nouveautés / News)
      Lew Racing just released the Clydesdale version of their PRO VT-1 wheels. This version is approved for riders up to 113kg !(250lbs) instead of 85kg (185lbs) for the standard version. Lew
      claims they are the stiffest wheels ever built at this weight. They are so confident that they sent them to…
    • EICMA show 2007 [2] (17/11/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      Beside the AX-Lightness and Ingenu products, a couple of manufacturers unveiled  their latest works. It’s all about  wheels, cranksets and frames plus some miscellaneous parts.
      AX-Lightness SL products First of all, let’s focus on…
    • EICMA show 2007 (13/11/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      The Italian bike show of the year took place in Milan and ended this week-end. A few new high-end parts were presented and Nils, official representative for Lew Racing was nice enough to
      let us know every news on Fairwheelbikes forum. From the famous, super light, super high-end tech…
    • KCNC road brake (11/11/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      The dual pivot road bike brake from KCNC has been released, at least the first production pictures are published. Although the color is a little bling-bling, from a technical and
      financial point of view they should be very interesting, as any item of this brand.  We wrote an…
    • Shimano 7800C (10/11/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      As you know, Shimano is introducing a carbon fiber Dura-Ace crankset. It is test ridden since months by ProTour riders, and it seems like it performs very well. Shimano published a letter
      a couple of days ago about them:    …
    • Extralite E BONE QRC & UltraFront SX [en] (08/11/2007 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Nouveautés / News)
      Extralite updated his range with a new crankset, the E BONE QRC. Entirely made out of aluminium, it features very large bearings (5mm larger than Campagnolo or Shimano bearings) for
      maximal stiffness. Size: 172,5mm …
    • FM Boyaux – Carbon-Ti saddle (06/11/2007 publié dans :
      Nouveautés / News

      François Marie Boyaux Today at noon, TF1 one of the biggest TV french channel presented François Marie, a french man manufacturing handmade tubulars. He makes everythings in his 30m²
      garage: silk or cotton casings and custom rubber threads for the…
    • ITM – 3T [en] (05/11/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      ITM ITM will offer for 2008 white versions of his handlebars. The white is classy, it’s obvious. However using white handlebars really gets pernickety since the visible area is very small
      when the bar tape is mounted. This kind of components is for top class bkes…! The Nt, 31.8mm of diameter, 199g, 42/44/46cm, 237…
    • Edge Composites: the forks! (03/11/2007 publié dans :
      Nouveautés / News

      We were happy to write an article the lest week about Edge rims, as well as their tubes used for high end american frames (HERE). Beside these products, Edge composites makes forks as
      well. They follow a similar manufacturing process, particularly for the molded holes, at the calipers clamping…
    • 3 high end wheelsets in test (29/10/2007 publié dans :
      Etudes / Studies

      German magasine Tour, november edition, has been released. They tested the three best wheelsets of the world. Lew Racing, Lightweight Standard Generation 3 and the Mavic Cosmic Carbone
      Ultimate are in this test. The results are very interesting and the Lew wheels, although being super…
    • Edge Composites [en] (27/10/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      Specialized in composite materials, Edge Composites proposes tubes and components for several applications fields such as the automotive, the aviation, cycling, sailing, motorbike racing
      and medical. Parlee, RueGamer or Crumpton frames, to mention the most famous ones, use tubes from…
    • Sebastian’s Challenge 700 (18/10/2007 publié dans :
      Bidouilles 🙂

      We wrote some lines about Sebastian Roth Scott Addict SL, just after the Eurobike. His machine hit the scale with 3610g. Pretty light… and this with no real concession. Today he comes
      back with his Challenge 700 by Lightweight. He tuned them to reach an amazing weight. From an original 759,6g, they now come after the…
    • Lew Racing, BTP [en] (17/10/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      Paul Lew has been elected TBAN’s (Technology business Alliance of Nevada) TechNevada Entrepreneur of the year. The award highlights his inventions and achievements in the high-tech
      field in recent months. Paul Lew, second from the right:…
    • Mondial du deux roues 2007 [en] (11/10/2007 publié dans :

      Let’s come back some minutes on the Mondial du deux roues 2007: the french bike and motorbike salon. Most of the news were presented during the Eurobike. Thus, the french show has not
      been an extraordinary edition. Taken as a whole, we can realize two french companies took the best of this show. …
    • Interbike [2] en(07/10/2007 publié dans « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      Here is a selection of the main news that was all the rage at Las Vegas during the Interbike. We warmly thank the following websites for their pictures: – Fairwheelbikes – PezCyclingnews
      Ingenu offers beautiful new crank arms. Called « Myth », these cranks are innovative because the chainrings and the spider are…
    • 887g of aerodynamic (30/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-87850.html »>Montages high-tech / High end builts)
      Custom handbuilt wheels have several advantages over serial production wheels. We can adapt the components to the wishes of the rider: for customize the stiffness, the resistance, the
      inertia, the aesthetics but as well for the « price » and the « weight ». The big manufacturers can’t combine all…
    • Interbike 2007, it’s ready (26/09/2007 publié dans :

      Interbike has opened its doors in Las Vegas. This show is similar to Eurobike in Germany but with some major differences in the brands showing their latest innovations. Let’s start with
      the most important news in terms of advanced composites. LEW Although their booth is small, they have the lightest wheelset ever… it…
    • Extreme-Power 2008 [en] (26/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      The 2008 Extreme-Power is definitely one of the nicest frames available. Although it has simple lines, it looks beautiful. This version comes in a new pure white colour with updated
      graphics. The frame is 1130g and the fork is 390g uncut. It’s not among the lightest but this frameset is all about ride quality and stability. …
    • Corima – SRAM/ZIPP – Campagnolo [en] (22/09/2007 publié
      dans : Nouveautés / News

      Corima First mondiale for Corima, they will unveil their Aero+ in tubeless version at the « Mondial du deux roues »!  Although the tubeless is still marginal, it could get common in
      the future. Corima will be the first brand to offer a tubeless carbon rim, somewhat an experience guarantee in…
    • Lew Racing 2008 (21/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      Lew racing makes the most advanced rims available. It’s obvious. When they update them, you always wonder how they can possibly improve on them… Here’s the good news for next year.
    • Grammo Sonic [en] (19/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
      This is what we call an outstanding wheelset. Take quite standard 50mm carbon rims, oversized carbon hubs and super bladed multi shaped spokes to get the most special set of wheels of the
      market. They are called Sonic, from Grammo, an italian brand. The engineers behind the wheels developed these weird spokes to…
    • Lightweight Obermayer Generation 3 [en] (18/09/2007 publié
      dans : Matériel || Stuff

      We bring you a special preview showing of the latest Lightweight Obermayer Generation 3 ! Unveiled at Eurobike in Germany earlier this month, we got a chance to see these new wheels
      before the trade opening! We’ll give you a detailed tour of the latest evolution of the legendary wheels…
    • Find the differences! (15/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic)
      There are a couple of differences between the two pictures, will you find them?
    • Eurobike: [en] (14/09/2007 publié dans :

      The Eurobike is not only about material, components, news, business appointements, shows… No, there are as well some girls with painted breasts, some lucky painters, and some other
      artists, really talented. Click to enlarge…
    • Shimano 7850 C24 and C50 TU (13/09/2007 publié dans :
      Matériel || Stuff

      Here are the latest wheels of Shimano, available from this month. 7850 C24 TU and 7850 C50 TU are the exact names. 7850 for the range: the newest generation of Dura-Ace, C24 or C50 for
      Carbon followed by the rim height in millimeter, and TU for tubular. These wheels follow the 7801 Carbon 50mm which hit the market mid 2006. We…
    • Eurobike: NOKON – Principia (09/09/2007 publié dans :
      Nouveautés / News

      Nokon A short visit at the Nokon booth to get some info on the long awaited carbon-housing reveiled a new, limited set of white aluminium Nokons. One of the guys at the booth explained
      the white set is not anodized but painted. The intensively satured color looked totally smooth and had a certain…
    • RouesArtisanales’ boutique is official! (07/09/2007 publié
      dans : Boutique

      Here we are! After two and a half years of relentless work on the website and the wheels, gets official. You like the wheels, proper custom wheels, handbuilt by a
      passionate person and perfectly suited to your riding and preferences? We have the wheels you need. Actually, we are…
    • Zipp press conference (04/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      It’s thursday, the first day of Eurobike. Zipp Speed Weaponry welcomes the journalists to their press-conference, where they will present the 2008 line-up. For us, it turned out to be the
      first real highlight, since we didn’t know what expect and were quite surprised by some of the new stuff. Zipp…
    • Scott Addict SL 3.6 [en] (04/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
      This year, two super light bikes have been presented at the Eurobike. The first one at Spin booth, is the « world’s lightest bike ». We will not present it because this challenge is turning
      to real madness and doesn’t really bring something interesting. As information, this bike only has 6 cogs, from 11 to 16, it has got downtube…
    • Canyon F10 2008 (03/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      Honestly, there weren’t too many things at this year’s Eurobike that got me excited. Apart from the Carbonsports Challenge700- and Clincher-wheels, the new Walser bars, Zipp cranks and
      the painted Kelly’s girls, the new Canyon F10 carbon-fibre frameset was one of the novelties, that really caught my eye. Nowadays, a big…

      We covered the Eurobike 07′ in Live
    • Eurobike J4 (01/09/2007 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      Speedplay Speedplay unveiled an amazing pedal called the Zero Nanogram. It weights 62g thanks to a Ti axle, a carbon composite body. This is a race model, the availability is for December
      08. We´ll test ride it. The other new models are not for racing, there use is rather about sport. …
    • Eurobike J3 (31/08/2007 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      Tune Nothing really new from Tune. The new rotor with 4 splines brings the weight of the Mag150 to 157g. This hub is now available in red too. Princess and Prince MTB hubs have carbon
      inlays to accept higher spoke tension. Carbon-Ti Carbon-Ti hubs will be available from October…
    • eurobike J2 (31/08/2007 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      THM Carbones A very special rear derailleur is in testing. It´s aero and features a box shape. Schmolke Some new finishes for the product: the 12K weave seem to be very famous these days.
      There is the new bars too but it was already unveiled some weeks ago. …
    • Lightweight 08, Zipp 08 (30/08/2007 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      Lightweight New range! The whole Lightweight range has been unveiled. We actually already saw the new Challenge 700 wheelset yesterday on Sebastian Roth´s bike. It is a 3.6kg Scott Addict
      SL bike built entirely in carbon. We will present it in details when we will come back. First of all…
    • Eurobike 07, spy shots! (29/08/2007 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons)
      This morning, the Demo day were a mess because of the rain and the lack of organisation at the top of a mountain in Austria. We then prefered to have a look at the Messe where the
      Eurobike will open its closes tomorrow: We could get some spy shots for you. Lightweight wheels All the wheels now have full carbon spokes….
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