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Here is a selection of the main news that was all the rage at Las Vegas during the Interbike.
We warmly thank the following websites for their pictures:


Ingenu offers beautiful new crank arms. Called « Myth« , these cranks are innovative because the chainrings and the spider are separated from
the arm itself. This allows a weight save: the component is sub 400g and it keeps the high stiffness of the oversized arms. Two prototype versions already hit the floor: a carbon one and an alloy
The price is competitive with a THM Clavicula.
An extra version, made out of titanium and with a « custom » Q-Factor is on the way, this will be close to 2500 dollars!
About the look, we find it quite attractive. It’s up to you to judge. The carbon version were installed on a RueGamer bike!

Topolino, wheel manufacturer, unveiled its last baby! It seems like several companies want to play
the weight challenge. After Lew and Lightweight, Topolino have a sub 800g wheelset too!
These wheels feature Reynolds KOM rims, the Topolino specific spoking and hub. The hub is made out of two parts, which both are composed of half the hub plus a flange and its spokes. The big
advantage over the seriously threated Lightweight wheels, is the spoke remplacement. For 100 dollars, you can replace all the spokes plus half the hub of one side of the wheel…! The wheelset is
close to 750g.

Have fun, this is probably one of the most beautiful 2007 project. Realized by KGS:

We will present this machine in details in the following days. If you have 27000 dollars, you can afford it! 

Delta 7 has a frame whose carbon fibre are sprung and tied by hand!!! The concept is called
« IsoTruss« , it brings extrem resistance thanks to its opened structure! It’s about 300 hours of work and 7000 dollars!

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