The phoenix rises from the ashes

I hope you missed us. It’s almost 2 years we published the last article.
The very busy and extremely passionnated business kept me far from typing and testing. website is my first passion, it is the one that created RAR brand DNA and gave its right course. Continue reading

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New 2011 Tune Mag 170 – 17mm axle

German manufacturer Tune updates its hub range this year.
This Mag170, 2011 version hits the scale with 172g. A 17mm aluminium axle is fitted into the aluminum shell that now receives three 6803 bearings and a 6903 instead of the 6802/6902 bearings of the former Mag180/15mm axle. Continue reading

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Full carbon wheels Great wheel test 2011 – Introduction

We made it happen in 2005 and 2008 over a wide selection of wheels. The test was such an outstanding international success we’ve decided to do it again to include the latest and greatest hoops.

This time, we focus on quality rather than quantity for an even more thorough analysis. You’ll find lots of pictures, details and descriptions to satisfy your thirst for the highest performance wheels on the planet.

This 2011 edition will only cover full carbon wheels. Our deep analysis and testing is time-consuming, so we won’t be testing as many wheels as in previous editions.

Continue reading

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NeilPryde, a new bike manufacturer

Leader in the surf equipment market, the Pryde group has extended its skills to cycling market during the summer. The very new NeilPryde brand pushes the enveloppe through two high-end bikes, the Diablo and the Alize, both direct sold on their website. Continue reading

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Alchemy ORC – in details

Moyeu Alchemy ORC

It is claimed to be the stiffest road hub of the market. Jeremy Parfitt, the designer shares a video featuring the disassembling procedure and the details of the design. Continue reading

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Hives brakes recall

Quite uncommon in Europe, Hive brand is recalling its Revl Carbon calipers. Continue reading

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BK-Composites brakes

Benjamin Kock has a good reputation for his mountain bike components. BK-Composite CEO designed a brake caliper prototype that is pretty light and simple. Continue reading

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Post – Eurobike 2010 – Article #2: Passoni

Let’s continue the writing of some Eurobike related articles with, in a first time, a few pictures of the exceptionnal bikes Passoni was presenting. These are still as expensive as nice. Continue reading

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Post – Eurobike 2010 – Article #1: Cipollini

Like every years, a lot of new components, new technologies, new features, new trends were unveiled. The trade is so wide and we have so few time to write that we unfortunately had to put aside some brands. We will place some post-eurobike articles online for these brands. Late is better than never… Continue reading

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Polar and Look VS Garmin and MetriGear

Power sensors get closer to the source, to know, the cyclists foot. After the hubs, the chainstays, the cranks, these sensors now get around the pedals.

We knew MetriGear had a power sensor under development that is integrated into the pedal axle. It seems like the testing and prototyping period come to an end. Continue reading

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Dear readers,

We are happy to tell you that the transfer of and all its content has been successfull. It took several weeks but it is finally done. Some articles from February 2005 to August 2010 may have been subject to unwanted modifications in their code during the transfer. Continue reading

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