Full carbon wheels Great wheel test 2011 – Introduction (fr|en)

We made it happen in 2005 and 2008 over a wide selection of wheels. The test was such an outstanding international success we’ve decided to do it again to include the latest and greatest hoops.

This time, we focus on quality rather than quantity for an even more thorough analysis. You’ll find lots of pictures, details and descriptions to satisfy your thirst for the highest performance wheels on the planet.

This 2011 edition will only cover full carbon wheels. Our deep analysis and testing is time-consuming, so we won’t be testing as many wheels as in previous editions.

There are more and more full carbon wheels to choose between.

The market is growing fast and new players are emerging and designs constantly evolving. Lightweight and ADA were pioneers 15 years ago. Lew Racing and Mavic followed in 2007, then came Aerozenith in 2008, Reynolds and Corima in 2009, and finally Madfiber in 2010.

The 2011 edition is split into 5 parts:

1 – First, we will present the concepts of each model, the separated weights, the truing, roundness and dishing precision as well as the retail price.

2 – Second, we will begin with testing of the wheels’ physical properties: their inertia and the energy taken to accelerate as in previous editions of the test.

3 – Third, we will cover lateral stiffness according to the load applied to the rim. These curves will help you choose the right wheel for your weight.

4 – Then we will publish the hub bearing resistance. This subject wasn’t covered in the 2008 test because of time constraints. This time it will be thoroughly analysed with new tests added.

5 – Finally, we’ll summarise our findings to help you choose the right full carbon wheels for your riding style and event.

The two first parts should be online soon, certainly early in May. I will do my best to have the remainder online by mid-2011.

We hope you will find this new study as informative and exciting as the 2005 and 2008 editions!

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