Alchemy ORC – in details (fr|en)

It is claimed to be the stiffest road hub of the market. Jeremy Parfitt, the designer shares a video featuring the disassembling procedure and the details of the design.The Alchemy ORC rear hub exploded view you can see below is pretty clear. The overall design really is unprecedented because of the special large 6707 bearing that fixes the freewheel into the hub shell.

Moyeu Alchemy ORC

Alchemy ORC rear hub, exploded view

The other bearings are also very strong: 6804 and 6903 in the shell, and 6803 in the freewheel. The large 17mm axle is locally beefed up to 20mm through a shim. This system tips the scale with 220g.

Alchemy ORC rear hub

Jeremy Parfitt swaps a Campagnolo hub to a Shimano. See how skilled he works with the hub to put the grease, the glue and the thread locker. Good work.

Part 1

Part 2

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