RouesArtisanales’ boutique is official!

Here we are! After two and a half years of relentless work on the website and the wheels, gets official. You like the wheels, proper custom wheels, handbuilt by a
passionate person and perfectly suited to your riding and preferences? We have the wheels you need. Actually, we are going to build them for you with the highest quality and service!

Lew, Corima, American Classic, Alex rims, Zipp, Ambrosio, Mavic to quote the major rim manufacturers. Tune, DT Swiss, Extralite, M5, Campagnolo, Shimano, American Classic for the hubs. Sapim
and Pillar for the spokes. Ceramic Speed for the bearings… In short, all what one can dream about, and the list is not exhaustive!

All these components are available in the store – click through on the left of the home page. Choose the components you want, add the building cost to get a final price and drop us an email.
We should be able to take online payment soon.
All the components in the shop are of course also available separately. If you only need a rim, a bearing or 20 spokes we can help!

Feel free to have a look at the boutique. Tell your friends about our custom wheelbuild service – it’s going to be big!

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