Eurobike J4


Speedplay unveiled an amazing pedal called the Zero Nanogram. It weights 62g thanks to a Ti axle, a carbon composite body. This is a race model, the availability is for December 08. We´ll test ride
The other new models are not for racing, there use is rather about sport.   


 Some more pictures from Shimano. The 7850 C50 clincher and tubular plus the C24.


A beautiful frame.


Stronglight has a new crankset. Its particularity is that the large and small chainrings have hidden bolts. The axle is titanium,


Easton unveiled new components. First there is a crankset, second there is a new carbon low profile wheelset then we could see a couple of changes in the wheel range such as a clincher set
built with an alloy/carbon rim.


The latest T-Mobile bike that has been used during the Tour de France.


The newest Extreme Power is really beautiful. We´ll present it in details later.


Mavic presented a minor evolution of the Ksyrium ES: the ksyrium SL Premium is full black which is definitely classier. It is equipped with Ti skewers and the cost is 900 euros. The ES
disappears because it was an « anniversaire » edition, the SL replaces it: 800 euros.


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