Lew Pro VT-1 Tune version and Clydesdale White Industries

Lew Racing just released the Clydesdale version of their PRO VT-1 wheels. This version is approved for riders up to 113kg !(250lbs)
instead of 85kg (185lbs) for the standard version. Lew claims they are the stiffest wheels ever built at this weight. They are so confident that they sent them to Tour magazine in Germany
for testing (lab and road). Lateral stiffness of the standard wheels was 45 – 50 N/mm under quite low loads (i.e light riders),  but disappointing under heavy loads. This Clydesdale
version has been designed to suit heavy and/or very strong riders’ requirements.
The weight of this first set is 1022g. Every single part of these wheels is bulkier and beefier resulting in amazing stiffness under heavy loads. The hub flanges are
thicker and stronger, the rims are built with a different layup and the wall thickness is higher. The extra labour and materials also make them US$500 more expensive.

Beside this, the Tune version is now finalised and the prototype phase is over. This version hits the scale at a mere 827g…

Lew Racing 2008 range is now updated:

Model Pro VT-1 White Industries version Pro VT-1 TUNE version Pro VT-1 Clydesdale White Industries version

880g (shimano)
920g (campa)

820 / 840g

1020g (shimano)
1050g (campagnolo)

Max. rider weight 185 lbs (83,8kg)
185 lbs
250 lbs (113kg)

(shimano version)

US$5995 US$6995 US$6495

Standard version – left side

Clydesdale version – right side


Front hub

Rear hub

Source: Fairwheelbikes forum


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