Edge Composites: the forks!

We were happy to write an article the lest week about Edge rims, as well as their tubes used for high end american frames (HERE). Beside these products, Edge composites makes forks as well. They follow a similar manufacturing process, particularly for
the molded holes, at the calipers clamping area.

As the rims, multiples options makes the range quite big. These forks are available in several versions. First of all, both models: « Road »  and
« Aero » come in two verions: the first is the lightest with 285g against 340g for the second one, but the price is less reasonable. Then, the « Road » fork is offered with
three different rakes: 40, 43 and 50 to adapt its behavior, its comfort and the feelings according to what the user is looking for. The « Aero » fork is only available in 43mm for a
better aerodynamic.

According to the first customers, these forks make the Easton EC90slx,  a reference which is 100g heavier, feel like noodles

Model Weight Rake Price
Road 1.0 285g 40, 43, 50 US$549
Road 2.0 340g 40, 43, 50 US$479
Aero 1.0 320g 43 US$579
Aero 2.0 380g 43 US$509

More to follow!

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