Mondial du deux roues 2007 [en]

Let’s come back some minutes on the Mondial du deux roues 2007: the french bike and motorbike salon.
Most of the news were presented during the Eurobike. Thus, the french show has not been an extraordinary edition. Taken as a whole, we can realize two french companies took the best of this

First of all: the wheels!


Corima updates its Winium. They now have full carbon hubs shells and a special 20 spokes pattern.
They have 12 drive side spokes and 8 non drive side spokes. It allows a better spoke tension balance on both sides of the wheel for more stability. The rims are made out of a 3K fiber, it seems
like Corima had a hard time to source this rim in 2007 and had to go to 12K. Now it’s over and the 3K fiber is back. The hubs gets this thin and beautiful weave too.
These flat rim wheels follow the Aero model range: they are called the Winium +.

The Tubeless model was presented too, rather discreet but well present. There are only a few changes from the clincher model: the rim is wider, its walls are reinforced to deal
with the extra stress the very stiff tubeless beads. Of course the tire bed is not drilled, this, to keep the air pressure. However, the spokes nipples are external, like the cyclo cross model.
One can then wonder how to drill only the interior of the rim, knowing the nipple has to be inserted by the external diameter!
The rim is probably normally drilled, built up, then an extra carbon layer is added as tire bed. Clever, but how to pull out the nipple if a spoke breaks…?
We are not yet really excited by the Tubeless for road racing. Although it might be a real advantage in term of puncture resistance against the tubulars or clinchers, the manufacturing
constraint force to make reinforced and heavier rims.
Beside this, the price isn’t fixed yet!


At Girs, they are innovating a lot this year! Do you have enough to buy several bikes according to the use? If so, you
will love the new G-Max. This frame allows an extra seatback setting beside the bottom bracket front and back adjustement. Whether you wish to be placed at the front of the bike, like for a
time trial for example, you can simply change the insert in the frame.

Here is the system, rather well thought and developped for the G-Max frame. A machinned insert is pressedin the frame. The « hole » can be placed anywhere on this insert. Thus, while inverting
the position of this insert, you already have two « crankset » position. With different sets of inserts, you can cover any configuration. A picture is always better than a long explanation:

Beside this insert system and the Twin Flex chainstays as on some frames of the range, the rear triangle, still in development, will probably receive an elastomer close to the seat tube
junction. This will increase the confort.

The G-Star is available in several versions: the first one including the fork, integrated seatpost and headset cost 1990 euros.

The G-Star Exclusif is somewhat a custom bike. The color can be choosen among a large spectrum, 2 top tube sizes and 3 diagonal tube sizes are available. Thus, the frame stiffness can be
adapted according to the rider size and his preferences.
The top tube is available in two sizes (37 and 48mm of diameter), the diagonal one in 3 sizes (37, 48 and 60mm of diameter). This frame kit costs 2690 euros.

Token still follow the cheap components! They come from Asia and are very affordable for our happiness! One thing is sure, their components are not really new, they do not innovate but the
prices are so low that we would almost like to buy those twice!
Notice on the picture below the famous quick releases. Indeed those are the quick releases from m²racer, that closed its door the last year in June (see here). These titanium quick releases hit the scale with a mere 42g for a record price of 95euros! You will be able to find them in
the boutique soon!

Beside the skewers, another product brought our attention. It is a titanium/alloy cassette with ceramic coating to increase its life. The price is as attractive, moreover, the weight is as well
very low!

Specialites TA
Do you remember the Squale chainrings? (see this new) They are now available in several colors: black/gold/silver!

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