M2Racer to close doors

M2 Racer, the manufacturer of many high end and low weight products, shared this sad news with us. The company will stop its activities at the end of the month!

The Official announcement:

In the past few weeks, M2RACER’s supply of high modulus prepreg carbon
fiber has been shut off due to the heavy worldwide military and aerospace
use. Carbon fiber is used in nearly 50% of the M2RACER product lineup. In
addition, the price of titanium and exotic aluminum alloys that we use has
nearly tripled in the past 18 months. Due to the unavailability of carbon
fiber and excessive material cost increases, M2RACER can no longer be able
to provide our valued customers with lightweight, high performance, and
well priced cycling components.

M2RACER truly appreciates the enthusiastic support we have received from
our distributors, dealers, and customers.

M2RACER will close its doors permanently at the end of June 2006. Until
then, we will continue to service our customers with our very limited

Thank you all for your patronage and the privilege of having worked with you.

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