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  • Campagnolo 2009 [spy shots] – Time RXR [en] (11/06/2008 publié
    dans : Nouveautés / News

    Campagnolo 2009 While the 2009 Campagnolo groupsets are still kept under secrecy, some pictures of the levers are already published through the Bianchi 2009 range. Here are the first pictures
    of the 2009 Campagnolo levers….
  • Hudz – Carbon-Ti [en] (10/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Hudz We all dreamed about it since years, Hudz did it. The lever hoods are available in more than ten colors (eleven exactly). Red, white, blue, yellow to quote the main. It’s now possible to
    match the lever…
  • Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 [en] (03/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    The embargo on the Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 finally ended on the first of June. A lot of pictures can be found online now. The Shimano Dura-Ace 7800 groupset satisfied a lot of users over the
    last 5 years. This is quite long, particularly compared to the…
  • Challenge 600 (29/05/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Sebastian Roth is back with his amazing tunings. He had the lightest  wheelset during some weeks but Gunter Mai beat him with his 704,4g Lew Pro VT-1 wheelset. The Lightweight Challenge
    700 Sebastian had, weighted…
  • Signature [en] (22/05/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Custom carbon components, made according to your needs, that’s tempting, right? Samu Ilonen is busy with this. Specialized into the design and manufacture of several components such as the
    saddles, the seatposts, the time trial bars, the derailleurs…
  • Dura-Ace 2009 mechanical (17/05/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Since our previous article about the Shimano 2009 groupsets, the 16 of March, several components were modified by the japanese company. The pictures below feature the mechanical groupset.
    First of all, the levers get some unidirectionnal carbon,…
  • Colnago 2009 – FMB – Mavic [en] (09/05/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Colnago CX1 – Revolution The famous italian company is going to offer a brand new frame in November 08. The CX-1 is designed for racers looking an agressive and modern frame. Colnago focused
    on improving the stiffness to transfer the…
  • Rotor Q-Rings [en] (07/05/2008 publié dans : « categorie-610870.html »>Matériel || Stuff )
    The spanish brand showed a lot of innovation in a  classicism sector. Born from an aeronautic engineering school from Madrid, Rotor swaps the standards fixed since years, each time they
    release a new product. The double thread…
  • Girs G-MAX – Parts of Passion [en] (02/05/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Girs Unveiled during the « Salon du deux roues » in France, early in October the last year, the Girs G-Max still is under development. Its bottom bracket position adjustment seems to be the
    solution to compensate for the lack of…
  • SRAM 2009 [en] (18/04/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Although we are still the big shows are still some way away, SRAM chose today, 18th April to present its 2009 line-up. Red, Force and Rival groupsets are updated though the changes are
    relatively minor upgrades. The Rival groupset gets some carbon…
  • Lew Racing Pro VT-1 B+ [en] (16/04/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Lew Racing pushes the envelope. Unhappy to offer the technically most advanced rims ever created, Paul Lew created a second version of the Pro VT1 for custom hand built wheels. This newest
    version is visually identical to the standard Pro VT1, which was…
  • Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 [en] (16/03/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    We followed the evolution of the latest Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 groupset since months, but always missed the official information. It’s now over, a few websites have had some insights… Will
    it be electronic or mechanic? Made out of alloy or…
  • A wheel secret (08/03/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Recently the high-end carbon wheel market has grown dramatically. For over a decade, Lightweight didn’t have any real competition, but since 2007 things have been changing, when two major
    brands decided to offer new light carbon wheels. First, on 27th…
  • Alchemy’s hubs (03/03/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Jeremy Parfitt at the head of Alchemy Bicycle Works, distributing Tune, M5 and Sapim in the United States is on the way to offer his own front hub. Jeremy focused on stiffness and low bearing
    resistance, but he didn’t forgive the touch of lightness…
  • 704,4g – New records! (01/03/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    It’s already a few months since we presented a new weight record. The last « championships » took place during Eurobike and Interbike and the few days following. First of all, Lightweight
    featured its Challenge 700 weighing 759.6g behind…
  • Mavic R-SYS, what’s up? (27/02/2008 publié dans : « categorie-610870.html »>Matériel || Stuff )
    The Mavic R-SYS wheelset has received a lot of media attention since their release. The well received TraComp system delivers weight saving and stiffness thanks to two critical points. First,
    the very stiff carbon…
  • Powercordz – in colours! (24/02/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    They are black, they provide fluidity, softness and lightness, the Cordz will soon be available in red, blue and green. Richard Grounds and Tony Dupont, behind the Powercordz company, are
    extending their range with exotic colours instead of the…
  • Carbon transmissions… how do they hold? (18/02/2008 publié
    dans : Matériel || Stuff

    We spoke about the carbon transmissions the last year, when we reviewed the chainrings and jockey wheels from Fibre-Lyte. Originaly we were quite reticent to use such a material for the
    transmission. Finally, we are very pleased with these high tech…
  • Electronic Shimano – Final version? (17/02/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    The Tour of California just started. We have a confirmation, that is not related to a rider or a team, but related to some bicycle components. Indeed, the Shimano EDA groupset (electronic)
    does not seem to have been physically modified since its last…
  • SRAM RED – Cassette [en] (13/02/2008 publié dans : « categorie-610870.html »>Matériel || Stuff )
    The PowerDome, an ingenious pyramid… The brand new Sram RED cassette definitely scored a bull’s eye when it was unveiled the last summer, during the Tour de France. Indeed, while most…
  • Etudes || Studies (12/02/2008 publié dans : « categorie-87852.html »>Le site / The website )
    03-02-2008 Grand test de roues 2008 Une immense base de données     Introduction: SUITE:     Les tests aérodynamiques: SUITE:     Les tests
    d’inertie: SUITE A huge data base     Introduction: MORE: …
  • Zero Gravity NERD – Shimano wheel test (10/02/2008 publié dans
    : Nouveautés / News

    Zero Gravity Negative G calipers, from Zero Gravity, were unveiled a few month ago. They now come in a limited edition, in red colour, which looks far more « race proof »! For the little story,
  • Time Hi-Tense – KCNC quick releases (07/02/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    We presented the last summer the newest Time Hi-Tense wheels, designed through Frullani concept: the rear wheel spokes tension are balanced and regular. The official presentation of the
    concept, as well as the wheels tests took place in Majorca…
  • Extralite SLW [en] (01/02/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Extralite released a new light and aero wheelset. The SLW shows up at 920g and feature the Lew Racing Pro VT1 rims, laced to their straight pull hubs and stell bladed spokes. With 16 front
    spokes and 20 for the rear, the spoke count is optimized for…
  • KURVE – Shimano – Tiso (26/01/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    KURVE CNC Brakeset CarbonTec has added the KURVE CNC brakeset to their range of products. These superlight calipers are made to exacting standards from the best 6061T alloy. Cnc machinning,
    titanium bolts, 7075 aluminium barrels…
  • FMB – Tubulars (24/01/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    We spoke about FMB, François Marie boyaux, a few weeks ago when an important french TV channel presented his work (LINK). François Marie makes those traditionnal tubulars by hand for the
    highest quality. We were obviously very interested in this product…
  • CeramicSpeed Bottom brackets (21/01/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    The famous ceramic bearings manufacturer and supplier unveiled today a new product designed in collaboration with ROTOR SABB. The bottom brackets cups receiving the high standards ceramic
    bearings are offered in three differents colors: red, black and…
  • Colours’ magic (20/01/2008 publié dans : « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic )
    Without a doubt, the Tune Mig45 and Mag150 hubs are the most charming hubs.  Their very basic weight will make one’s mouth water…
  • Mavic – Giant [en] (16/01/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Mavic Mavic has been responsible for all aspects of the adidas cycling softgoods products for the last five years (design, development, production, sales and marketing). Mavic will continue
    to provide the…
  • Lew racing, Shimano [en] (10/01/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Lew Racing Mr. Paul Lew is definitely among the rare persons on the earth who always innovate, research and feature new breakthrough products. After the Black Holes wheels, associating the
    fork, the steering and the wheel,…
  • Great wheel test 2008 – Intro (08/01/2008 publié dans :
    Etudes / Studies

    After the good response to our 2005 and 2006 wheel tests, we would like to update the series, finally helping you to make the right choice, without being blinded by marketing or simple
    stiffness results that don’t truly reflect how wheels…
  • Grand test de roues 2008 – Intro (07/01/2008 publié dans :
    Etudes / Studies

    Après les succès rencontrés par les tests de roues proposés en 2005 puis en 2006, nous aimerions renouveler ce type d’article qui permet, enfin, de faire le bon choix, sans être aveuglé par
    les outils marketing des constructeurs ou de…
  • Lightweight Individual Design (04/01/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Carbon Sports will offer an individual design on their wheels soon. Two sets of wheels designed for their sponsored riders Filippo Pozzato and Erik Zabel have been painted to match the
    teambike in colors and style. The added weight by…
  • Best wishes (01/01/2008 publié dans : « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic )
    The year 2008 already began. Best wishes for the new year, may this new year bring health, success, and happiness. Regarding the cycling, one of our best wish is to see it leaving the impasse
    it took a few years to reach.  We are for sure in the…
  • 2007: handbuilt wheels samples (28/12/2007 publié dans :
    Montages high-tech / High end builts

    In order to close the 2007 year of the best manner, let’s come back to the original source of the site. The hand built wheels, mounted with the most prestigious components offer the best
    performances… With the creation of the…
  • Lew Racing Pro VT-1 Tandem! [en] (22/12/2007 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Paul Lew has a lot of ideas in mind. He already has designed the most special wheels of the year 2007. He pushed the envelope further each time, with, in chronological order: a Tune mechanism
    version, a full boron version, a Clydesdale version for…
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