Hudz – Carbon-Ti [en]


We all dreamed about it since years, Hudz did it. The lever hoods are available in more than ten colors (eleven exactly).
Red, white, blue, yellow to quote the main. It’s now possible to match the lever rubber hoods to the bar tape, certainly the next fashion.  Compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo, and
Sram, the shapes of the originals are perfectly reproduced except for the Shimano version, which is 6 to 8mm higher at the top. The price is about 35 euros and we invite you to have a look
at the dealer page of the Hudz website to know more.


The italian brand subsidiary of LLS Titanium, known in medical and motorcycling revealed a new set of lightweight quick releases. Claimed to weight between 26 and 30g per set, they will be
among the lightest, whicih is almost 20g lighter than the current version. The materials used here are the ergal for the axles and titanium for the levers. The MTB version will hit 36g on
the scale against an actual 56g. The weight difference with the current versions comes from the axle materials: the 2007 quick releases are using titanium front and rear axles. Beside this,
the nuts are lightened too.


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