FMB – Tubulars

We spoke about FMB, François Marie boyaux, a few weeks ago when an important french TV channel presented his work (LINK). François Marie makes those traditionnal tubulars by hand for the highest quality. We were obviously very interested in
this product that brings every qualities needed for a good tubular:

  • – Cotton casing for lightness, resistance and comfort
  • – Latex inner tube for comfort and resistance
  • – Low rolling resistance multi pattern rubber thread, high cornering grip  thanks to the rubber thread side pattern
  • – Very fair weight: more or less 250g
  • – Available in 20 and 22mm for front and rear wheels

We now offer these tubulars in the boutique in addition to the wheels, quick releases, bearings and components. A traditionnal handmade tubular plus a hand built custom wheel, would it
be the winning combination? Very certainly!

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