SRAM 2009 [en]

Although we are still the big shows are still some way away, SRAM chose today, 18th April to present its 2009 line-up. Red, Force and Rival groupsets are updated though the changes are
relatively minor upgrades. The Rival groupset gets some carbon composite.

Sram Red

The crankset gets an important upgrade:
 – New 30mm axle diameter instead of the current 24mm
   * it is stiffer
   * the weight is reduced
   * the Q-Factor is reduced
   * the bearings are larger making them stiffer and more durable

There are two new cassettes offered in addition to the the current 11/23 and 11/26:
 – 11/25: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25
 – 11/28: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, 28

It would certainly be good if SRAM offered cassettes starting with a 12 tooth sprocket which would be better suited to casual riders. Let’s hope SRAM is busy with this too.

Sram Red – TT

SRAM extends its time trial offer with new components.

 – A PowerGlide technology chainring:
   * 55, 54 and 42 teeth
   * Grey tungsten finish to improve durability
   * Aero chainring with greater stiffness too

 – The 500TT derailleurs levers have a Red touch
   * cheaper than the carbon version
   * the rear derailleur lever is indexed, the front one is operated on a friction mode
   * 154g per set

– Aero brake levers, the 500TT:
   * red color
   * 115g per set, which is 16g heavier than the carbon version

Sram Force

The SRAM Force groupset gets several upgrades trickling down from the Red groupset. Only the levers are modified:

    * They are longer
    * The shifter paddle is reworked, it is widened
    * The brake and shifter cable housings can run along either side of the handlebar
    * Reach adjustment is included    
    * The  front derailleur features the Zero-Loss technology which engages front shift immediately.

Sram Rival

Certainly the most reworked for 2009. It uses a lot of the systems featured on the high range groupsets. This will probably be a best-seller if the price is right.

 – Black finish
 – Carbon levers (320g, 20g saved)
    * Zero-Loss system for the front derailleur (see explanation above)
    * The brake and shifter cable housings can run along either side of the handlebar
    * Reach adjustment
    * Aluminium widened shifter paddle

 – Aluminium hollow cranks, OCT technology (open core)
    * 40g shaved off the previous version
    * Available in compact (110mm), and standard (130mm)
    * Crank length from 165 to 180mm

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