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  • Rotor – Armstrong [en] (28/01/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Rotor This year Rotor sponsors the new team Cervélo. Some pro racers of the team in which 2008 Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre is, now test the latest Rotor crankset equiped with the
    Quarcq powermeter. During the bike…
  • Edge Composites – Shimano [en] (23/01/2009 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Edge Composites American carbon fibre component manufacturer is updating its rim range. A new rim will show up very soon, and a rim is slightly upgraded. The current range is composed of 8
    different rims, from 4 different depth….
  • Mavic R-SYS recall (08/01/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    The famous french wheel manufacturer recalls every R-SYS front wheels. The fragility of the spokes and the TraComp system make this wheel particularly dangerous. Indeed it collapses
    completely as something hits a spoke. Mavic plays safety here and will…
  • All the best for the new year 2009 (04/01/2009 publié dans :
    Le site / The website

    We send you our best wishes for a promising and prosperous 2009 year. May the good health be with you, but also happiness and sucess in private and professionnal life. For Roues Artisanales,
    2008 has been a transitional year. From a student, I quickly changed my habits while making my own…
  • Rotor – FSA [en] (15/12/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Rotor Rotor released a new stem compatible with shallow 25.4 mm standard diameters handlebars. It is available through AlternativSport which also distributes ISM saddles. This stem is road
    and MTB compatible, it still features the…
  • Mavic Race pedals – Corima 2009 – Tune 2009 (09/12/2008 publié
    dans : Nouveautés / News

    This period of the year does not really motivate to have a ride, the days are getting shorter and the weather is very… very wet and cold. So we are trying with this small article to put new
    hearth into our readers. Please see some of the…
  • Zero Gravity [en] (21/11/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Zero Gravity which released the limited edition of the NERD brakes earl this year (see here), unveiled some days ago a color custom program: the Absolute Zero. Seven colours are available and
    each component of the brake can receive a…
  • G-Max – Corima Tubeless [en] (12/11/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Gir’s The Gir’s G-Max caused a lot of ink to flow. Before the press presentation, some weeks ago, Guillaume Girout and his team had received an Award during the Eurobike. The bottom bracket
    setting system was well welcomed…
  • Interbike FWB – Lightweight – Shimano (24/10/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Interbike Parlee FWB This was one of the most special bike displayed at the Interbike Expo in the United States: a Parlee frame and very high end components coming from the most prestigious
    manufacturers such as…
  • Interbike – Final part (06/10/2008 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons )
    This is our final article about this event. We would not like to forgive any important manufacturer pushing more or less the enveloppe so here they are. Pictures thanks to Rasmus T. Nielsen.
    Gallery Interbike 2008 …
  • Interbike – 2nd part and gallery (01/10/2008 publié dans :

    Since we were obviously not present at Interbike show, we needed to rely on someone to collect the informations and the pictures from Las Vegas. Rely on someone? Well, the man is a cycling
    passionnated person. He’s a top photographer, at least…
  • Interbike, first sight (25/09/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Interbike is the North America’s largest bicycle trade event and show takes place in Las Vegas during 3 days from the 24th to the 26th of September. With over 1,000 of the top brands and
    nearly 23,000 attendees from over 60 countries, it is…
  • Eurobike, the most special bikes (19/09/2008 publié dans :

    Eurobike ’08 was really good. Since a few years, the trend was all about making lighter and lighter components, improving ergonomy, without sacrificing the reliability. It seems like the
    limits have been reached with the current standards and the…
  • Edge Composites 1.24 [en] (11/09/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    The last fall, we featured the Edge Composites rims made in USA (see here). Since this article, the company based in Ogden extended its rim range: the clincher rims are on the market since a
    few weeks, and the first flat section rims are…
  • Eurobike – 4 – miscellaneous (07/09/2008 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons )
    Look ZED This is probably one of the most integrated component of the Eurobike. Look definitely pushed the enveloppe with its Zed crankset. Basically, this component is composed of a single
    piece of carbon, and a couple of…
  • Eurobike – 3 – it continues (04/09/2008 publié dans : « categorie-226141.html »>Salons )
    X1000 The french company, making the newest full carbon monocoque wheels equips the belgian brand of the legendary champion Yohan Museeuw. Some of the specifications: 3K carbon fibre, paired
    spoking, asymetric rear rim, curved rims,…
  • Eurobike 2008 – 1 – First pictures (03/09/2008 publié dans :

    Good evening from Friedrichshaefen. We are happy to unveil the very first pictures of the 2008 Eurobike fair trade. You will be able to find below the first spied shots of a few manufacturers
    whose new…
  • Lew Racing Convexo Convex [en] (02/09/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Convexo Convex. This barbaric name self explains the physical phenomenon Paul Lew, forerunner in bicycle wheels world, relied on for his newest invention. This time-trial disc wheel differs
    from the others by its shape, which converges on the…
  • Extralite UltraRear SX – Tune 2009 [en] (01/09/2008 publié dans
    : Nouveautés / News

    Extralite 2009 Extralite released the front SX hub some months ago. The italian company is now unveiling the rear version. Straight pull spokes and J bent spokes will be required to build
    this lighter than ever rear hub. As…
  • Sigma – Stronglight [en] (20/08/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Sigma Accessories manufacturer Sigma released newer, higher tech, bicycle comptuters: the ROX range displays the temperature, the altitude, the slope, the rate of ascent, the air pressure
    beside the standard functions as speeds, cadences, hearth rates. These babies are made for training…
  • LW Standard Generation 3 – Comparative [en] (19/08/2008 publié
    dans : Matériel || Stuff

    We hadn’t been able to do intensive and long rides on the Lightweight Standard Generation 3 yet. Now it’s finally done. We got a pair in 16/20 spokes configuration to test under  all
    conditions and particularly in races. More important, we will…
  • Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR [en] (16/08/2008 publié dans :
    Matériel || Stuff

    In 2007, Mavic released a new wheel concept. The TraComp technology pushed the French manufacturer at the top of the high-end aluminium range. In 2008, the company from Haute-Savoie is
    releasing another system, which seems as promising, and should open…
  • Look ZED – Lew Longo – Shimano Di2 [en] (05/08/2008 publié dans
    : Nouveautés / News

    Look ZED We briefly presented this piece of art on the 5th of July.The newest ZED crankset will set new stiffness and lightness standards at its release during the fall. The crank arms, whose
    stiffness to weight ratio is almost twice…
  • Rotor 2009 – ISM 2009 [en] (29/07/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Rotor Spanish manufacturer is elarging the family for his 2009 range. Unhappy to offer stems, bottom brackets, and well designed cranksets, Rotor is hitting the chain and seatpost market
    while his stem offer gets bigger…
  • Fulcrum 2009 [en] (26/07/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Fulcrum is closely following Campagnolo. The Campagnolo 2009 range can be summarized to the new 11s groupsets, but as well to some more or less important updates on the wheels. The new
    technologies featured in Campagnolo range are re-used here…
  • FWB crankset test – Scott 2009 (18/07/2008 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Crankset test American shop FairWheelBikes had the opportunity tto test, with the help of EECycleWorks, the stiffness of twelve cranksets. Campagnolo Record UT, Zipp VumaQuad, Dura-Ace,
    StrongLight Fission, Sram Red, Tune,…
  • Powertap SL 2.4 [en] (15/07/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    What’s that? The Powertap is one of the required tool for a good quality training and a whole follow-up of the performance. This device is a power sensor integrated into a special rear hub
    which is equipped with 8 strain gauges and an…
  • Shimano electronic TT – LOOK 2009 [en] (09/07/2008 publié dans
    : Nouveautés / News

    Shimano Di2 – time trial We are speaking about electronic groupsets since years, it seems they should be for sale in 2010. They are only about road groupsets but Shimano has some ideas in
    mind for time trial bikes… The shifting…
  • Lew Racing 2009 – Pro VC-1 Clincher [en] (29/06/2008 publié
    dans : Nouveautés / News

    Despite rapid breakthroughs in composite materials, we have to realise that not even the major manufacturers have been able to make a light, strong, reliable full carbon clincher rim. A set
    of very demanding parameters make clincher rims…
  • Zipp 2009 – Sonic [en] (27/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Zipp Zipp is updating its handlebars range for 2009. The american brand unveiled 32 new bars, redesigned and passing successfully the EFBe tests. The three models, whose brand new Contour,
    are available in 40, 42, 44, ou 46 cm…
  • Mavic 2009 [en] (22/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    June has been a busy month for news so far. It looks like the biggest players in the industry all unveiled their plans within a couple of days! Shimano, Time, Scott, Campagnolo, today Mavic,
    and in a few days Lew and Zipp! …
  • Campagnolo 2009 – The wheels (20/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Here is the last article about the Campagnolo 2009 news. We unveiled into the details the 11s groupsets and the gorgeous Super Record a few days ago, now let’s see what the italian
    manufacturer has developped regarding the wheels. …
  • Campagnolo 2009 [en] (20/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Campagnolo is releasing an amazing range for 2009. There are two important features: the three most high-range groupsets are getting an eleventh speed, and a new groupset, the Super Record,
    sees the day of light. Beside these two important news,…
  • Campagnolo Super Record [en] (17/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Despite the embargo Campagnolo fixed until the 18th of June on the 2009 groupsets, which is tomorrow, some websites already published the official pictures of the Super Record 11 speeds
    groupset. We take the liberty to unveil these first pictures, a…
  • Signature – 2nd part [en] (16/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Signature We are happy to present the newest creation from the finland artisan working the black fibre. Samu Ilonen made a very nice mirror finished saddle, which is very light and has some
    good technical features too….
  • Time 2009 – Scott 2009 [en] (14/06/2008 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Time 2009 Beside the brand new RXR Ulteam frame we presented three days ago, Time is renewing its medium/high range offer. The VXS Translink is replaced by the VRS Vibraser more adapted to
    sportive riders instead of pure racers: the…
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