Interbike – 2nd part and gallery

Since we were obviously not present at Interbike show, we needed to rely on someone to collect the informations and the pictures from Las Vegas.
Rely on someone? Well, the man is a cycling passionnated person. He’s a top photographer, at least from our point of view, because every pictures he took seemed to be taken with the little
extra that makes the difference with a standard picture, Rasmus T. Nielsen did a great job with a very cool gallery on the Interbike 2008.
If you wish to see every pictures immediatly, visit the link here: Interbike 2008. If you need some informations, please read

Industry Nine

They certainly make the most beautiful bicycle wheels of the planet. They have aluminium anodized hubs, aluminium anodized spokes screwed onto the hub, a very loud and genius freewheel
system allowing more or less 60 engaging positions.
We wrote an article about these wheels two years ago (see HERE). The main disadvantage of the system of spokes screwed
onto the hub was that they had to use round spokes. They have sorted this issue out, and now offer bladed spokes too, which makes the wheels even better.
I9 uses several rim manufacturer such as Zipp, DTSwiss, Edge Composites LLC, Lew Racing, Velocity to quote a few.





Manufacturer website: Industry Nine

Edge Composites LLC

Edge offers bicycle frame tubes, rims, and they are extending the line to seatposts and handlebars.
The advantage of Edge composites LLC, regarding the rims, is their molded spoke holes instead of drilled, which comes with big advantages such as the maximal spoke tension, the durability
and strength during the wheelbuild. This feature is not the only strength of Edge. They also have the advantage of using very high quality carbon, which comes also with reliability and
The seatpost is going to be available during spring 2009 in 27,2mm and 31,6mm. Price is not decided yet but it should come around US$300-400.
The handle bars will be available in just 6-8 weeks, it is 85mm reach, 144mm drop, and the sizes measured from center to center are 36-38-40-42-44 cm. It will cost US$350

Side notes
 – EDGE Composites LLC is from USA. Do not be confused with the other Edge brands, mere taiwanese and cheap prooducts, which offer correct components, but definitely not high-end
performance products.
 – Jason owner of Fairwheelbikes, famous shop based in Tucson worked during more than a year to get every components ready in time for this bike:




Manufacturer website: Edge Composites


Mark Lynskey is probably one of the most experienced titanium frame manufacturer. The story began in 1986, when the first titanium frames were made. The company grew and Litespeed was
created in 1992. Since 2005, the end of ABG’s belonging, Mark is back to his original constructions.
A very special frame was unveiled this year. It has « twisted » tubes. We’re not sure about the use of this special looking tubing, but it probably comes with some higher stiffness.



Manufacturer website: Lynskey Performance


Powertap is now well known for its power meter hubs. Saris found several great deals with big manufacturers such as Mavic, and its Cosmic Carbon Pro, Reynolds with options for power meters
wheels, Bontrager, etc…
New hubs without the carbon fibre are offered, they will probably be cheaper. Black versions of the hub were released too.




Manufacturer website: Saris

EE Cycle Works

After M5, Zero Gravity, EE Cycle Works is releasing a very special looking aluminium brake. The brake looks like being function over form, without forgiving the low weight.
A review can already be found on FairWheelbikes forum: ::  EE brake review




Manufacturer website: EE Cycle Works

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