Edge Composites 1.24 [en]

The last fall, we featured the Edge Composites rims made in USA (see here). Since this article,
the company based in Ogden extended its rim range: the clincher rims are on the market since a few weeks, and the first flat section rims are being delivered.

« The finish is indeed raw, but keep in mind this is a performance product and we don’t want to paint them or anything that would add weight.« 

Here they are, built with Extralite SX and SR hubs, and 20/24 DT Aerolite spokes. The wheelset is only 861g on the scale, which is not really an argument because a lot of
lightweight and bad wheels are hitting the market nowadays. Knowing the sturdiness of the Edge rims we are testing since a couple of months, to enlarge the incoming range, the
result is much more interesting.
These 1.24 rims only weight 215g for a depth of 24mm and a width of 21mm, in a triangular section.
The Edge rims finish, serie 1, is very rough, Jake Pantone explains this: « The finish is indeed raw, but keep in mind this is a performance product and we don’t want to
paint them or anything that would add weight.
 » The rims have an unidirectionnal carbon finish, which reminds the newest generation Shimano rims.

The serie number 2 of the Edge rims is differently finished and is stiffer. It is composed of 3K carbon fibre and a clear coat is applied in surface to make it visually perfect.
On the other side, the rims of the serie number 2 are 50g heavier.

The Edge range is now composed of three models: 24mm, 38mm, 68mm. The two last are coming in 1 and 2 version, and in clincher version too.

The rims have no spoke tension limit thanks to the molded spokes holes. So we could easily put 1150N of spoke tension on the drive side of the rear wheel. Basically, this is not
exceptional, but considering the extremely low weight of the components, it is much more exciting.
The spoking is radial front and rear non drive side, it helps saving weight, and increasing the lateral stiffness.
Would it be a versatile sub900g wheeset ? We will not claim it. The flat rim do not offer the best aerodynamics, and it is also the weakest of the serie: a deep rim has more material
to flex and resist to the impacts.
Finally, a flat rim needs longer, flexier spokes, so the wheel is also flexier where the lateral load is applied. But the rim also moves less between the brake pads.

The Edge Composites rims descend from the Lew racing fabrications. Several manufacturers did benefit of this construction: Reynolds, Shimano, Easton to quote the most
important. Velonews published an article some months ago about the two american manufacturers. Lew Racing accused Edge of copying a part of the manufacturing process: read the article. The pursuits do not seem topical anymore but they reveal the technology the Edge rims beneficiate.

Well these 1.24 rims are under test. If the perform well, we will add them to the boutique.


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