All the best for the new year 2009

We send you our best wishes for a promising and prosperous 2009. Good health to you, and also happiness and success in your personal and professional life.

For Roues Artisanales, 2008 has been a transitional year. From a student, I quickly transitioned to make a job of custom hand-built wheels. It was a radical and swift evolution from a work load and a responsibility point of view. Running the company alone, the website is being updated less frequently as you will have noticed! If you have the urge and skill to contribute, I will be delighted to make space for you on the website/blog.

During 2008 we had on average 2,360 daily visitors, peaking to 5,800 (XITI statistics). A third of visitors are from France, but the majority of our readers are from US, Japan, Belgium, Italy, and Germany (in descending order).

In 2009, the wheelbuilding company will see several important updates. The only one we can tell now is that a new website dedicated to the handbuilt wheel boutique will be launched. It will separate the professional activity from the online magazine.

Best wishes.

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