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Accessories manufacturer Sigma released newer, higher tech, bicycle comptuters: the ROX range displays the temperature, the altitude, the slope, the rate of ascent, the air pressure
beside the standard functions as speeds, cadences, hearth rates.
These babies are made for training bicycle geeks: the datas are even to be transfered to a comptuter.
Real beauties. The monitor displays too many functions in its superior half, but we like it quite a lot…
Two models have been released in the 2009 catalog: the Rox 8.0 and the Rox 9.0. The better version has more memory and it features waypoint.

More information on the official website: Sigma-rox


The newest crankset from the french manufacturer sees the day of light. The Helion, whose design is based on the design of the X-Wing launched the last year, is lightened as much as
possible: carbon hollow construction, titanium axle, hybrid ceramic bearings, and ceramic/teflon chainrings from the same manufacture.
Three crank length are offered: 170mm, 172,5mm, 175mm. Both the compact and the standard transmissions are coming: in 130mm you will be able to choose between 53/39, 51/39, 52/39 and in
110mm, 50/36, 50/34, 48/34. The price is said to be around 600 euros.

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