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  • Look 595 [en] (11/05/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Look 595:Pictures presenting the latest Look 595 from the french brand are available on Bicidacorsa, a partner website.This new Look will see its seatpost integrated as the giant TCR
    advanced, a new fork the HSC6 is born while the frame has got internal routed cables.   …
  • First set of Lightweight Ventoux wheels (06/05/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    Fairwheelbikes forum moderator  LJ  got a nice birthday present: the first set of CarbonSports Lightweight Ventoux wheels. This is the first set to go out to the public. LJ opted
    for the Ventoux version with Tune hubs (equivalent to the LW Obermayers), not the Ventoux DT wheels (equivalent to the Lightweight Standards). We thank …
  • Shimano XTR 2007, 2nd part (06/05/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    I’m a bit late to present you the second part of the Shimano MTB news. After these articles, (1, 2, 3) about the firsts stuffs revealed, the second part occur the first of May. I let you have
    a look at the news Shimano XTR 2007 parts whether you couldn’t see them yet:V-Brake lever; The V-brake themselves; not really changed over the …
  • LJ’s Pinarello collection (30/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
    Fairwheelbikes forum moderator known as LJ has got a marvelous Pinarello collection. A nice topic can be found on the forum, it’s related to his latest Paris’ built, colors choice and is very
    interesting.He was really nice (and proud as well I think ;p) to share some pictures for Roues Artisanales. Here they are; The bike was built according …
  • Campagnolo 2007, 2nd part (26/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    After the first new about 2007 Campagnolo news, we now know some more upgrades for 2007.New wheelA New wheelset following the G3 range, the KHAMSIN is an entry-level model. Khamsin wheels
    have an anodized aluminium rim with a height of 24 mm, machined on the sides and with a wear indicator on the braking surfaces. The 2 mm spokes are distributed …
  • Cervélo R3 Nano Edition [en] (24/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
    Nano from Weightweenies finished to build his bike a few days ago and is kind to let Roues Artisanales write something about this gorgeous bike. It’s not only flashy but reliable as well
    while using sturdy and light components; Frame: Cervélo R3 54cm …
  • Vittoria Pit stop road racing [en] (23/04/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    Vittoria released a new product that is said to permanently repair both tubulars and clinchers tubes. The cartridge inflates a 21-28″ tubular up to 6.5 bar (enough to get home and
    increase pressure with a pump) and a tyre from 0 to 6 bar.The mixture is composed of a special pure latex …
  • Bontrager news and Aeolus pictures (21/04/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    CranksetBontrager is currently working on a Race XXX Lite crankset that uses the OCLV technology Trek pionnered in 1992. A hollow core design, target weight for the OCLV 110 carbon crank is
    sub-770gr. Production version will use a  Race Face X-Type integated bottom bracket spindle. I’ve been told that the crank arms may use OCLV 55. …
  • Corima Aéro, TUNE Mig70, Mag190, Cx-ray [en] (18/04/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Montages high-tech / High end builts)
    This afternoon, I propose a french/german build based upon Corima Aero rims and TUNE hubs. These parts whose reliability is well proven are laced thanks to Cx-ray spokes. Main purpose of the
    wheels is triathlon so aerodynamical properties are the most important but final weight is important as well.Front wheel:In order to reduce drag, 20 radials …
  • M5 gold coated brakes (15/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Poshbike has equipped a time trial bike with gold coated M5 brakes! The bike will be really used and is not only for show off. Source: LondonCyclesSport …
  • Exotics spoke patterns. (14/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic)
    Classic wheel spoke patterns are well adapted to the strains they have to deal with but they’re so common that we may be getting rid of them.There are many special spoke patterns that can’t
    be forgotten whose pros are difficult to find but they exist anyway. Wrong length spokes can be used with almost any rim and hub.See this real good spoke …
  • Ax-lightness Orions white (13/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Ax-lightness famous german brand thanks to its saddles and seatposts will release a new version of the orions brakes. Using white carbon, they’ll certainly be a best seller on exception
    bikes. …
  • 36 gramms M5 hub (07/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Presumably available mid-May, the new M5 front hub will be very light. Weighting 36gr, it will be available as 16 holes for straight pull spokes. Made out of alloy 7075-T6, two different
    finishs will be proposed; black anodized or carbon while a ceramic bearing option will be possible.   No weight limit is expected and part price will …
  • Shimano XTR 2007, more pictures (01/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Some reals pictures have been shown on the internet about the new 2007 MTB Shimano XTR groupset.Please go to to find many links presenting the groupset.   …
  • The earth fastest wheels! (01/04/2006 catégorie: « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic)
    There’s today many beaten records, here are the world’s fastest downhill wheels; With a nice 47lbs peripherical concentrated, these wheels will make you reach insane speeds, and the most
    important is that you even don’t have to pedal! ;)Accurates weight scales are useless.Wheelset weight; 94lbs Source: Velonews …
  • A weight record has fallen again! (01/04/2006 catégorie:
    Montages classiques / Classics builts

    Here is certainly an incredible weight record, a wheelset coming directly from Canada. They’re bike wheels, yes yes they’re indeed bike wheels and not motorcycle ones as we could think ^^ .
    In my humble opinion these wheels are indestructibles and immortals. Right? Front wheel:- Hub : Shimano HF08 tandem 48 holes(233g)- Spokes : DT Compétition …
  • Giant TCR Advanced 12.13lbs (31/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
    Bikeguy101 from Bikenuts in San Francisco built a very nice Giant TCR Advanced that just weights 12.13 lbs with reliables and easy to find parts. Here is a quick descriptive with the most
    important parts of the bike, fell free to have a close look to sharp details while clicking the pictures just below; Frameset …
  • Shimano XTR 2007 [en] (30/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    The first pictures of the 2007 XTR group have been shown on the internet one day before the official release date. I let you discover the pictures;[Update 31/03/2006]; Feel free to download
    the PDF file with every officials informations; PDF file; 265Kb.Rear derailleur Notice the nice 129gr!!! (Typing error or not…?)Rapidfire and …
  • Boonen’s bike (27/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-543448.html »>Equipement pro / Pro equipment)
    Their have been some rumours in belgian press and on about Tom Boonen being on a new and reinforced bike last weekend. Roues Artisanales was able to meet the world champion,
    his mechanics and look at his bike for several races last week. Where he was …
  • Proto record front derailleur (24/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Record front derailleurs are amongst the lightest ones with only 69gr. Fairwheelbikes tuned one of them while keeping the same performance level. Almost every parts are machined, custom
    hollow carbon with aluminium pivots, spring is made out of titan while bolts are either in aluminium either in titanium. This amazing work is realized …
  • Corima Winium/aero, TUNE Mig 70, DT 240s, Cx-ray [en] (22/03/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Montages high-tech / High end builts)
    Here is a versatile built that will be used on any roads. This wheelset main objectives were reliability, lightness, and no crosswind issue while staying on a final reasonable sum.Front
    wheel:Corima Winium front rim has been naturally chosen in order to reduce crosswind effects. We couldn’t switch to another brand since any other light weight …
  • 24 spoked Lightweight Ventoux (20/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    LJ from Weight Weenies shared this scoop with us. Thanks for that! »The Lightweight Ventoux wheels will now be produced with a 24 spoke rear wheel and a 20 spoke front. During the development
    and production the extra 4 spokes gave the rear wheel an added amount of stiffness which CarbonSports felt it needed in order to work in « real …
  • Skil-Shimano team on Shimano electric (19/03/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    Today I rode the GP Rudy Dhaenens, a belgian pro race. One of the starting teams was Dutch team Skil-Shimano. As mentioned on Roues Artisanales before, this team would test ride the prototype
    of Shimano’s electric group.I could see some of the Skil-Shimano riders had this group on their bikes, other not. On the roof of the car I could see …
  • TUNE Mag140 & suite Skyline 2006 (18/03/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    Comme annoncé dans une new précédente, TUNE a réalisé un nouveau moyeu arrière incroyablement léger. C’est dorénavant officialisé, le TUNE Mag 140 équipera la roue arrière Skyline 2006 de la
    marque allemande et aménera le poids de cette dernière à …
  • Tyler Hamilton’s bike (17/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
    Former US Postal Service, CSC and Phonak rider Tyler Hamilton may be suspended from riding UCI organized races, he still appears from time to time at certain non official race events. Roues
    Artisanales will only focus on the tech side of this. Readers might be interested in reading more on the blood doping case: have a look at Cyclingnews’ …
  • Alex R3.1, AC350, TUNE Mig70, Mag160, Cx-ray (16/03/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Montages classiques / Classics builts)
    In order to realize a very light clincher wheelset to be used in mountains, Roues Artisanales built a set based on non common rims in France; front rim is an Alex Crostini R3.1 while rear one
    is is an American Classic Sprint 350. Originally, both rims should have been American Classic but because of the lack of availability in Europa of 24 …
  • THM Clavicula MTB (14/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Roues Artisanales published some months ago an article about the MTB version of the Clavicula. This crankset is officialy announced on THM website and is claimed to break stiffness to weight
    ratio with only 440gr including cranks and bottom bracket. Delivery should start in early April 2006, price is around 900€. More informations …
  • TUNE Skyline 2006 [en] (13/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Since some years, TUNE propose a Skyline wheelset based upon Zipp 280 rims and classic retail available TUNE hubs.This year, TUNE makes things really good and could get a partnership with
    Reynolds to use KOM rims. These rims are the lightest ones with a nice 220gr.The german company has upgraded their hubs since a new rear hub is developped. …
  • Taipei bike show 3: Pillar, Blackwell Research, Pro Lite [en] (12/03/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Salons)
    Weight weenie friend Billy Lannom visited the Taipei Bike Show and delivered a hughe number of pictures to Roues Artisanales. Thx a lot!Let’s continue the Taipei show news after the articles
    showing Deda, Cinelli, Syntace and SRAM, FSA et Miche. 1. Pillar Pillar showed his new spoke with head and thread made by stainless steel with an aero …
  • Taipei bike show 2: Deda, Cinelli, Syntace (11/03/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Salons)
    Weight weenie friend Billy Lannom visited the Taipei Bike Show and delivered a hughe number of pictures to Roues Artisanales. Thx a lot!After having seen some SRAM, FSA and Miche-stuff, what
    else could bring the Taipei bike show?1. DedaDeda has a nice new carbon bar to show, the Electa. 2. Cinelli The Cinelli guys showed this version of their …
  • Taipei bike show 1: SRAM, FSA, Miche (11/03/2006 catégorie:

    Weight weenie friend Billy Lannom visited the Taipei Bike Show and delivered a huge number of pictures to Roues Artisanales. Thx a lot!Here are some remarkable items:1. SRAMSRAM showed the
    Eddy Merckx Premium bike of Nevada rider Ben Jacques-Mayne, ridden in the Amgen Tour of California.previous Roues Artisanales articles:Pics …
  • Pics from SRAM testing bike (10/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    The Danish rider Mads Kock could take some shots of another SRAM equipped bike owned by Riis Cycling, used for testing (not by a CSC-rider, but probably someone from the teams managment). He
    shared these images with us and told us: « I just had a quick try at the new Sram levers and I must admit that they felt really good – fast and with …
  • The time trial stuff: 1. aero helmets (10/03/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    In a serie of articles Roues Artisanales will comment several aspects of time trial tech: disc and high profiled wheels, TT-bars, aero helmets, etc.Aero helmets In 2004 new UCI regulations
    forced helmet manufacturers to provide aero helmets with the same crash safety standards as the helmets used …
  • Speedplay Zero Axle Tuning (09/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-148519.html »>Bidouilles 🙂)
    The Speedplay Zero system features dual-side entry and up to 15 degrees user adjustable float. It’s also possible to fixate the rotation angle if desired. Total stack height is 11.5mm, which
    is amongst the lowest available. They’re available in 4 basic versions and in several different colors. Manufacturer listed weight for the Chrome-Moly …
  • Electronic Shimano & SRAM test (09/03/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    9 riders will test electronic Shimano groupAs shown on Roues Artisanales team Gerolsteiner rider Ronny Scholtz is on a prototype of an electronic Dura-Ace group. Shimano did not want to
    comment these parts and the Scholtz didn’t mention it in the diary on his personal website.However belgian Rabobank rider Roy Sentjens could test it as well …
  • Goldmember p0rny project [en] (09/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
    Fairwheelbikes worked recently on an amazing project called Goldmember. I think you guessed that the bike is exceptionnal and most parts are unique. Not unique for their weight or their
    mechanical properties but rather for their look and their anodization.Mostly black, the bike has some gold parts everywhere. We can really stand that it’s …
  • SRM news (08/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Specialized internally routed for SRMThe guys from SRM Power meters have been working on a completely internally wired and sensored Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL for SRM (is Levi Leipheimer
    riding this one?).It’s not the first time SRM does this kind of job: on my visit to the T-Mobile camp during last years Tour de France I saw Tobias Steinhausers …
  • Shimano electronic groupset; first pictures! (08/03/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Nouveautés / News)
    Shimano electronic groupset is used on Paris-Nice by Ronny Scholtz (team Gerolsteiner). Here are a few of the first pictures of it: Front derailleur:   Rear derailleur:
    Shifters: New/adapted pedals: I let you comment it :=) Source: Cyclingtime …
  • Pillar spokes (07/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic)
    Bikemessenger, wheelbuilder from Ligerowheels could weight the famous Pillar titanium spokes. The weight is definitely better than any other manufacturer since the model 1422 PST aero is on
    average 3.75gr in 294mm. As comparizon, Cx-ray spokes from Sapim well known thanks for their lightness are much heavier with 4.9gr in the same length. …
  • We’re now 3! (06/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-87852.html »>Le site / The website)
    I’m happy to announce you that Pieter living in Belgium joined what we can henceforth call the Roues Artisanales team. He’s of course a bike addicted person who will be able to share his
    passion for it. So we’re now three to write and develop the website. I hope the association will be profitable, prosper for a futur makes of bikes and wheels …
  • SRAM Force [en] (03/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    SRAM road group is finally officially announced after the Eurobike show.Average weight is claimed to be 2138gr, it’s half way between the Dura-Ace weighting 2181gr and the Record that weights
    2039gr. The strength of the groupset, furthermore being a decent alternative to Italian or Japonese group is the 1:1 shifter ratio specific to the American …
  • Shimano electronic groupset! (03/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Shimano is currently developping an electrical groupset as Mavic did and as Campagnolo almost finished to do.The firsts prototypes were seen in Mallorca and seem to use wire to transfer the
    datas. Front and rear derailleurs are huge while shifters use optical gear indicator.Some parts should be made out of carbon while derailleurs will be …
  • Campagnolo 2007, 1st part. (03/03/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    After the firsts Shimano 2007 news, some rumours about Campagnolo are spreading on the internet.It is said that Campagnolo cranksets will be totally redesigned for the next year. They’ll use
    a system similar to Shimano because of the external bearings but they will be ultra-narrow to lower the Q-Factor. The crank/bottom bracket is different …
  • New SPEEDCOMPOSITES hub. (28/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    SPEEDCOMPOSITES realized a brand new hub designed for radial drive side pattern and crossed non drive side pattern. This part is really light, just 201 gr and is said to be very stiff while
    using large diameter bearings. Stiffness of wheels built on this hub is dramatically up compared to the old version that used non drive side radial pattern …
  • Already 1 year old! (26/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-87852.html »>Le site / The website)
    It’s already done! Today is the first Roues Artisanales’ birthday. During this year many events happened and obstacles were overcome.Since many months, the number of single daily visitors
    never went under 450 while these days a new record was established at 2400 on Friday. By the way the visitor counter exploded :DThis week, a bit less …
  • SRAM X-9 [en] (25/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    After Shimano, it’s now SRAM who reveals to the public some of its 2007 news. The group X-9 will be updated, here are a few pictures: Source: bike sport news & Singletrackworld …
  • SHimano XTR 2007 [en] (24/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Shimano XTR group will be renewed in 2007, it’s sure as approved by O2 BIKERS. The Shimano NPP (New Products Presentation) already took place and the complete group was revealed. Some parts
    were made out of plastic but some were well machined out of alloy. The journalists of this magazine were so lucky that they tried out some prototypes of …
  • THM-Carbones Price adjustment March 1, 2006 (24/02/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Nouveautés / News)
    The market for carbon fiber raw materials is heating up. Due to the increasing use of carbon fiber materials in the latest Boeing and Airbus aircraft the necessary raw materials are becoming
    scarce in the next few years. This leads to dramatic developments of prices for raw materials. Some products have seen a 60% price increase in only three …
  • Shimano 2007, 3rd part, MTB (24/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    The Saint and Hone groups will be as well renewed and available in November 2006, you can see some pictures:Saint:RD-M801: RD-M806: HB-M801: FH-M801: FH-M806: Hone: …
  • Shimano 2007, 2nd part, BMX/road (24/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Here are the next news about 2007 Shimano with a BMX group called DXR and the new Tiagra group for road:Tiagra: DXR: …
  • Ksyrium SSC SL 2005 (22/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic)
    For most people, high range Ksyrium models are synonym of fast and easy accelerations. However while weighting a rim and some spokes, we can notice the placebo effect of wheels nicer than
    light.The rim is indeed quite heavy compared for example to American Classic, Alex ones or even compared to the Open Pro from the same brand.Rear rim: Right …
  • Shimano 2007, 1st part, MTB (21/02/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    It seems there have had some 2007 Shimano products showup from a norvegian website that plugged in as exclusivity some pictures of the XT and LX MTB derailleurs and shifters.The design is
    changed while the weight is certainly lighter than 2006 products since it’s more worked. The shifters have the Dual Release function that stands for using …
  • CSC testing new shifters. (19/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic)
    A very interesting video is available in tech part of Cervélo’s website.We can listen to Bjarne Riis opinion about new shifters. It’s not risky to bet that they’re the the new SRAM ones
    presented some months ago while the Eurobike. Actually, it’s almost sure, CSC team will certainly use this complete group next year, perhaps even this …
  • TUNE hub disassemble (11/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-148519.html »>Bidouilles 🙂)
    Latest TUNE hub generation is quite easy to service. Only the final step of removing the bearings is a bit difficult.You’ll find here a step by step article about a Mag 190 rear hub
    disassembly. A front Mig 70 hub disassembly is almost the same, it only has an axle cap nut with two identical bearings.Tools required:- two 5mm hex keys- a W-Mag …
  • Light rim tape (08/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-94458.html »>Etudes / Studies)
    The rim tapes you can find easily in shops are durable, reliable, sturdy but unfortunately « very » heavy.Rim tape is among spinning elements of the bike, so it’s twice useful to make it
    lighter when you’re looking for gramms saved.The weight save realized while switching from a normal rim tape to a very light one isn’t huge since …
  • The hottest bike by pk0r! (05/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
    I thought a lot about the introduction of this article. Initially my intention was to simply write a quick « No comment », I then realized that a machine of this level deserved more. The bike
    (if we still can call it a bike…) has been carefully built by pk0r, a bike and ultra-light parts fanatic. After the 2005 Eurobike, he searched …
  • Syntace F119 Road 31.8 (04/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-148519.html »>Bidouilles 🙂)
    Lightweight, stiff, and very durable. Constructed completely in 31.8mm width format from handlebar to steering tube clamp. It’s fully compatible with standard 1-1/8″ forks with the included
    lightweight reducer and can be mounted directly on 1-1/4″ forks without using the reducer. The reducer also benefits carbon steerers, by distributing …
  • Blackwell Research 100mm (04/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    For the ones who don’t appreciate disk wheels or tri-spokes wheels, a solution is now available from Blackwell Research with the 100mm wheels available in mid-february.As mentionned in its
    name, the wheels have a 100mm carbon rim. 18 front and 24 rear spokes with externals nipples and carbon hubs make them triathlon or time-trial specific. …
  • Giant TCR advanced 14lbs (03/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-88517.html »>Vélos / Bikes)
    A very sympathic bike has been built by bikeguy101 from Bikenut. The bike is just 14lbs ready to ride, the parts used are all sturdy.Quick descriptive:Frame/fork: Giant TCR Advanced Stem:
    Deda Newton Bar: Deda Spectrum Seat post: USE Alien post Saddle: Selle Italia SLR carbon Brakes: M5Shifters: Shimano Dura-ace 7800 Front deraileur: Shimano …
  • Lightweight disk wheels lightened (02/02/2006 catégorie:
    Nouveautés / News

    Carbon Sports now produces disk wheels lighter than claimed on their website. They are now between 840 and 860gr while they were before made at 910gr. A weight save for this wheel made out of
    carbon fibers threads (equivalents to spokes) that leave the hub sheel tangentially and are wound around two thin foam cores Source: CarbonSports …
  • Carbon transmissions (01/02/2006 catégorie: « categorie-100023.html »>Divers / Off-topic)
    The technology evoluates quickly and allow us to build lighter and lighter bikes, stiff and efficient. Since a bit more than a year, we can see carbon chainrings regularly on show bikes but
    also on rideable bikes. A carbon cassette was even used on the 3588gr bike presented a few months ago at Interbike.So we can wonder if it’s reasonable …
  • MTB wheels 1017gr (28/01/2006 catégorie: « categorie-87850.html »>Montages high-tech / High end builts)
    Fairwheelbikes’ record from the 12th of december 2005 is beaten, hawkpower could reach 1017.18gr while using Extralite UltraTerra serials hubs weighting just 45 and 149gr (for straight pull
    spokes), custom Notubes rims for 301 and 305gr!!28 titanium spokes and alloy nipples for this …unusable set…? Who knows! Source: mt …
  • Pédalier SRM SIBEX (27/01/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Vous avez pu lire il y a environ deux mois qu’un nouveau pédalier SRM basé sur les manivelles FSA était dorénavant disponible ou était en cours de disponibilité. Il atteignait tout juste
    880gr contre 910gr pour le modèle basé sur les manivelles Dura-ace 7800 et 956gr pour le modèle …
  • Quick releases, which ones to choose? (27/01/2006 catégorie:
    Divers / Off-topic

    Quick releases weight is going lower and lower every years. I’ve done a quick comparative to evaluate their quality compared to long and well proven ones. In this comparative, you’ll find
    these QR: SHIMANO Dura-Ace 7800, CAMPAGNOLO Record, MAVIC (the one you have with Cosmos for example), BBB, TUNE AC14 and m²racer.m²racerA difficulty …
  • B’Twin FC 700 for AG2R (26/01/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    AG2R Pro tour team will use in 2006 frames made by Decathlon a french sport shops chain.Its engineering sector of devellopement is now well proven, the frame can’t be bad. Made out of T700
    high modulus carbon fibers, it used as well Kevlar to absorb vibrations. Last but not least, its shape is weird but looks nice. Have a look at it: More …
  • Art and craft 900gr; fiction or reality? (26/01/2006 catégorie:
    Divers / Off-topic

    Still looking for the parts to build a sub 1000gr wheelbuild, I searched the most adapted components for such a build.The parts presented above aren’t all available easily. Rims Option 1:
    X-TREME Nano Elite tubularsClaimed to be 230gr, they can hold very high tensions. Not really much commentaries and only a few users make these rims a little …
  • 2005 weight weenie nomination; 5th and 2nd place (21/01/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Divers / Off-topic)
    During the December month, the Weight Weenies forum launched poll for the election of the Weight Weenie of the year 2005.Both of us (Adrien & Divve) were amongst the 10 selected nominees
    from the over 3300 registered users. And the final results are: Adrien …
  • Campa hub modification (16/01/2006 catégorie: « categorie-148519.html »>Bidouilles 🙂)
    In order to reduce friction in campa hubs, I machined a cone similar to the campa one but in bronze that has got better « sliding » properties than aluminium or steel. The friction coefficient
    is lower and will make easier the spinning motion.While taking the bearing and the cone in hand, the difference is clear; the bronze cone reduce …
  • Wheel torque transfer (14/01/2006 catégorie: « categorie-94458.html »>Etudes / Studies)
    Theory:In order to optimize custom wheel build quality, I looked for methods to achieve maximum benefit from rear wheel torque by closely studying wheel geometry.Wheel torque transfer
    efficiency depends on two spokes angles in relation to the rear hub. The first one is the angle the spoke makes when we look at a wheel from the side, …
  • Build Zipp 285, TUNE Mig70/Mag190, cx-ray (06/01/2006 catégorie:
    Montages high-tech / High end builts

    The presented build here is incredibly versatile. It’s very light weight, high in stiffness, and has good aerodynamic properties. Suitable for going uphills, mountains, flat stages, and
    criteriums at full speed. You won’t even notice them.Front wheel: The front wheel is similar to the one shown some weeks ago, except for the spoke lacing that’s …
  • MTB-Version of the Clavicula: Ca. 440 Gramm (04/01/2006 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Nouveautés / News)
    The development of the THM-Carbones MTB crankset is almost finalised. See below for specifications: Weight:      About 440g for the crankset with bottom bracket and 570g
    with chainrings. Mounting:   …
  • SPIN intro X (03/01/2006 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    First introduced at the Eurobike 2004 show as a cyclocross frame with the option to configure as a trekking frame. After extensive testing throughout 2004 and 2005, now available to the
    general public.The carbon frame is completely hand made in Germany. Nominal weight is 1100g for a 56cm frame size. It’s available in full custom configuration …
  • Tire Rolling Resistance (01/01/2006 catégorie: « categorie-94458.html »>Etudes / Studies)
    When selecting new tires, rolling resistance is probably one of the most underestimated and often ignored factors of tire performance. Most of us simply assume that the narrower a tire is,
    the better it’ll roll. That’s basically as far as our attention on the subject extends, before we quickly move on and concentrate our thoughts on more common …
  • The MTB lightest wheelset. (12/12/2005 catégorie: « categorie-87850.html »>Montages high-tech / High end builts)
    After the exclusivity some months ago about the world’s lightest road bike wheels ever built ( link ), here is the presentation of the lightest MTB wheels. Still on purpose to mount a bike
    that will reaches the reasonables weights limits ( M2Racer project), Fairwheelbikes shop got the Extralite Ultraterra Ti weels (1135gr) then drills the …
  • Lance Armstrong tribute by Graham Watson. (11/12/2005 catégorie:
    Divers / Off-topic

    Already many weeks I’m patiently waiting Graham Watson to finish his wonderfull article about Lance Armstrong to tell you it here. He pays him a tribute while presenting completely his
    career, with pictures. From 1992 at Motorola to 2005 with the Discovery Channel passing by Casartelli’s death or his cancer, you’ll find all about him. Here …
  • AC350, DT240s, cx-ray build. (07/12/2005 catégorie: « categorie-47171.html »>Montages classiques / Classics builts)
    Here is a really good clincher wheelset. Its weight challenges with the best brands, they are only mounted with reliables and well proven components like the DT Swiss 240s hubs, the cx-ray
    spokes and the AC 350 American classic rims that may be the weaker part of the build. Laced with 28 and 32 spokes 3 times crossed everywhere, their look …
  • Dura-ace 7801 Carbon 50mm wheels (06/12/2005 catégorie: « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News)
    Shimano finally has announced the release date of their much talked about 50mm deep carbon wheels. Public availability is planned for August 2006. The WH 7801 Carbon 50mm have been in use for
    over a year by various Shimano sponsored Pro Tour teams, that have requested aero wheels for flat races. For additional information see previous related …
  • AC350, TUNE Mag160, Cx-ray build (03/12/2005 catégorie: « categorie-47171.html »>Montages classiques / Classics builts)
    This is a very light rear wheel build for clincher tires. It’s perhaps even one of the lightest clincher tire rear wheel we can meet (the record isn’t far). Here is the descriptive: Rear
    wheel: 28 Cx-ray spokes, 3 times crossed on a TUNE Mag160 hub and an American Classic Sprint 350 rim;     Final weight: Global …
  • Zipp 285/280, TUNE Mig70/Mag190, Cx-ray build (02/12/2005 « categorieArticle »>catégorie: Montages high-tech / High end builts)
    I woke up early this morning to propose an article presenting my 2006 race wheels. In 2005, my wheels were the ones you can find in the album Zipp 280, DT240s, aerolite/cx-ray. I
    unfortunately broke the front rim during the ‘Porte Océane’ (Elite 2 race at the end of august for the ones who may know), so I had to rebuild the front wheel. …
  • Zipp 285, TUNE Mig 70, Cx-ray build (29/11/2005 catégorie:
    Montages high-tech / High end builts

    A front wheel presentation tonight. I’ll use this wheel for the 2006 race season. More informations about my components choices for this wheel will follow this week end or before if I find
    some time. The rear wheel will be presented too. Front wheel 20 Cx-ray spokes 2 times crossed, lacing a Tune Mig 70 hub and a Zipp 285 rim:    …
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