Alex R3.1, AC350, TUNE Mig70, Mag160, Cx-ray

In order to realize a very light clincher wheelset to be used in mountains, Roues Artisanales built a set based on non common rims in France; front rim is an Alex Crostini R3.1 while rear one is is an American Classic Sprint 350. Originally, both rims should have been American Classic but because of the lack of availability in Europa of 24 holes rims, we had to go to a different model slightly heavier. Spokes are the usual Cx-ray.

Front wheel:

Alex Crostini R3.1 rim and TUNE Mig70 front hub with 24 radial spokes.


Front wheel weight:

Rear wheel:

American Classic Sprint 350 rim and TUNE Mag160 rear hub laced with 3 times 28 spokes.


Rear wheel weight:

Paire de roue:

Final weight:

Rims close shot:

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