Exotics spoke patterns.

Classic wheel spoke patterns are well adapted to the strains they have to deal with but they’re so common that we may be getting rid of them.
There are many special spoke patterns that can’t be forgotten whose pros are difficult to find but they exist anyway. Wrong length spokes can be used with almost any rim and hub.

See this real good spoke pattern used by  Boonen from Fairwheelbikes and WeightWeenies, it’s very used these days and called Crows foot:

This spoke pattern uses radial spoking and crossed spoking advantages. it’s for example used by  Bikemessenger from Ligerowheels.

Twisted spokes allow to use longer spokes than expected with a normal build. There are several cons since spoke tightening phase is more difficult, flexy spokes must be used and one won’t be able to use the spokes manymore.

Another nice thing thanks to Terry using a 32 holes hub with a 16 holes carbon rim. Drive side spokes are all heads in while non drive side spokes have their heads out in order to increase wheel balance. Spokes are one time crossed but spoke angle from the hub is actually like a two times crossed.

Another weird spoke pattern is the 3-pulling/3-pushing;

No real advantage over a conventionnal build but it’s non common!

Here are some others build example for more and more crafty wheels:

Hybrid crows foot:

5 spokes crows foot:

A different version of the 3-pulling/3-pushing:

Radial / 3xcrossed mix:

Many many variations exist while mixing them, 4x/2x, 4x/radial, etc…

More infos on Wheelbuild

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