LJ’s Pinarello collection

Fairwheelbikes forum moderator known as LJ has got a marvelous Pinarello collection. A nice topic can be found on the forum, it’s related to his latest Paris’ built, colors choice and is very interesting.
He was really nice (and proud as well I think ;p) to share some pictures for Roues Artisanales. Here they are;

The bike was built according to these specifications and meet a cute 6180g.

Frame: Pinarello Paris
Fork: Pinarello Onda
Bar: Schmolke TLO
Stem: Oval R700 with R900 upgrade
Seatpost: AX-Lightness  Daedalus
Saddle: AX-Lightness Apollo
Brakes: AX-Lightness  with Jagwire carbon Holders
Shift levers : Campagnolo Record
Front derailleur: Campagnolo Record
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Record
Cranks: THM Clavicula
Chainrings: Specialités TA Hegoa 39/53
Chain: Campagnolo Record Ultra-Narrow
Cassette: Campagnolo Record 11-23 Titanium
Pedals: Look Kéo HM Ti
Wheels: Lightweight Obermayer 16/20
Skewers: WR Componenti
Bottlecages: Elite carbon
Cables: Campagnolo

Another version with stickerless Lightweight;

Or this one with Campagnolo Bora;

Finally, his collection with a nice garden well sprinkled as background (^^);

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