Dura-Ace 2009 mechanical

Since our previous article about the Shimano 2009 groupsets, the 16 of March, several components were
modified by the japanese company. The pictures below feature the mechanical groupset.
First of all, the levers get some unidirectionnal carbon, and the cable housing is confirmed under the bar tape.
The derailleurs keep the shapes we unveiled in August the last year. However their tint is modified:
Shimano leaves the silver color for a darker grey. It seems some parts of the rear derailleur are made out of carbon. About the front derailleur, its shape looks a lot like the one of the
rear derailleur. Then, the chain is slightly lightened.
Finally, some rumors tell the carbon cranks are delayed. More to follow…

Photo ©: Vorb.org.nz

Finally, the brakes are not deeply modified if we look at the picture below.

Photo ©: Tim de Waele
You can follow the evolutions of this groupset since early 2006 through these articles, in chronological order:

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