Electronic Shimano – Final version?

The Tour of California just started. We have a confirmation, that is not related to a rider or a team, but related to some bicycle components. Indeed, the Shimano EDA groupset (electronic)
does not seem to have been physically modified since its last version. It definitely looks like the final version and we can tell the pictures published by the guy behind the blog
Belgium Knee Warmers are very close to what we will see late this year during the shows.

Credit photo: www.belgiumkneewarmers.com

The derailleurs have not been modified from the version we presented in August the last year.

Credit photo: www.belgiumkneewarmers.com

Regarding the shifters, they do not really evoluate either. However, we notice the release lever is slightly lightened.
Notice the derailleur housings are under the bar tape.

You can follow the evolutions of this groupset since early 2006 through these articles, in chronological order:

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