Skil-Shimano team on Shimano electric

Today I rode the GP Rudy Dhaenens, a belgian pro race. One of the starting teams was Dutch team Skil-Shimano. As mentioned on Roues Artisanales before, this team would test ride the prototype of Shimano’s electric group.

I could see some of the Skil-Shimano riders had this group on their bikes, other not. On the roof of the car I could see another prototype groupset. As far as I could see the shifting went very fast and smooth, but I noticed quite a bit of noise when the chain was turning (coming from bad indexing of the gears?). Too early to say. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to talk the riders about their experiences. … to be continued

The race was won by former mountainbike world champion Filip Meirhaeghe (Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, pictured here at the start), who outsprinted Aart Vierhouten (Skil-Shimano rider, on Dura-Ace group) and Matthé Pronk (

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