Shimano 7800C

As you know, Shimano is introducing a carbon fiber Dura-Ace crankset. It is test ridden since months by ProTour riders, and it seems like it performs very well. Shimano published a letter a
couple of days ago about them:


The FC-7800C is based on an an aluminum core to
realize a lightweight yet very rigid construction. By using this technology, Shimano developed a crankset that combines the best of both materials. The aluminum frame ensures a stiff
set-up for optimal power transfer while the carbon saves weight. In numbers: weight of this crankset (including bottom bracket) is 709 grams and it is 10% stiffer than the aluminum
Dura-Ace crankset FC-7800 that is already famous for its rigidity.

FC-7800C has been developed with Shimano’s proven HOLLOWTECH II technology with an integrated bottom bracket. It uses identical bottom bracket bearing cups as FC-7800. The left crank arm
features the same installation technology as current Shimano XTR to save some weight and to make installation even easier.

This state-of-the-art crankset will be available in gear combinations 53/39T and 52/39T in crank arm lengths 170, 172.5 and 175mm.

Shimano has twenty years of experience in the development of carbon fiber products, by using it in our high end fishing tackle range and also more recently for bicycle components such as
Dura-Ace rims and shoe soles. We did not use it in cranksets before, since our tests showed over and over again that by using carbon alone, in general the weight goes down but also the
rigidity decreases. By using an aluminum core however, Shimano has managed now to develop a crankset that is lighter and more rigid at the same time.

Michael Boogerd (Team Rabobank) and Markus Fothen (Team Gerolsteiner) have taken this crankset already to the ultimate test: the Tour de France. They were pleased with the combination of
lighter weight, optimal rigidity and an attractive design.

Available as after market product from Spring 2008

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