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  • Eurobike – Day 3 – 2nd part (08/10/2009 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Nouveautés / News )
    Ax-Lightness Ax did not hold a booth this year, but their rims were visible on several other booth. The 42mm version – 255g was featured on the special edition of Jan Ullrich’s bike on Ghost
  • Eurobike – Day 3 – 1st part (04/10/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Reynolds Paul Lew presented his new RZR wheels made in collaboration with Reynolds Mac Lean Quality Composites. The wheels look very similar to the older Pro VT1. The design is very close but
  • Eurobike – Day 2 – 2nd part (26/09/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Parlee & Edge The two american manufacturers had their products featured on the stand of their german distributor Shocker Distribution. The Parlee frames but also the Edge rims, seatpost,
  • Eurobike – Day 2 – 1st part (24/09/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Fizik The new Cyrano seatpost :  – designed for a quick and easy installation, by hand  – angle of the saddle is adjusted by hand through a small wheel  – compatible with round
    rails up to 7mm of
  • Eurobike – Day 1 – 2nd part (21/09/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Tune Oh yes, the new hub and new system is unveiled today. A substantial weight save is coming along with new freewheel. The Mag90 weights 99g, a 95g hub has left the factory too. The
  • Eurobike – Day 1 – 1st part (21/09/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Here we go, the Eurobike fair trade just opened its doors. The very first pictures are available for you below. We will add another article this afternoon: DT Swiss The Tricon hub is unveiled
  • Pre-Eurobike article 3 – Tune visit (13/09/2009 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Close to the dark forest, the industrial zone of Buggingen concentrates cutting edge companies. Tune built its factory here about 15 years ago after a few years of activity at the owner’s
  • Pre-Eurobike article 2 [en] (11/09/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Fulcrum Beside the brands mentionned in the previous article, we have had a few extra information regarding Fulcrum, that already unveiled its 2010 range (Fulcrum). The Racing 3 and 1, 2010
  • Pre-Eurobike article [en] (11/09/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    We are getting very close to it… still only three days of wait before the Eurobike, 2009 edition! We will cover the event as the last year, with a complete article every days, about the
  • Mavic Lab – ADA [en] (11/09/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Mavic Lab Available the 1st of September, the Mavic Lab program will gove you the opportunity to custom imagine your R-SYS through a batch of options. We noticed the Ultra SL rims, the
  • RAR, the project sees the light (13/08/2009 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    After five years of work, we are proud to announce RAR – Roues Artisanales, our wheel brand. RAR is the conclusion of hundreds trials, improvements to make our wheels as performant as
  • Découverte: roues Aerozenith X1000 (14/06/2009 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

  • Corima 2010, new full carbon wheel (14/06/2009 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Cliquez pour agrandir If you follow our articles since a long time, you probably
  • Rotor & Speedplay [en] (03/06/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Rotor   Click to enlarge Carlos Sastre is currently
  • Mavic R-SYS Ultimate [en] (24/05/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    The brains are hot in Annecy. Unhappy to offer an extremely versatile wheelset with its Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, Mavic is going to release a super light weapon: the R-SYS Ultimate. The
    ultimate evolution of the R-SYS unveiled in 2007 (HERE).
  • Sea Otter 2009 [en] (20/05/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Sea Otter exhibition, USA, revealed some new products such as the new SRAM FORCE group and confirmed some others. Most of the following featured products, will be available for 2010. The most
    attractive new products are coming from
  • Zipp VumaChrono – DT Swiss 2010 (12/05/2009 publié dans :
    Nouveautés / News

    Zipp VumaChrono One year after Vumaquad’s release, Zipp unveiled the VumaChrono, an aerodynamism-optimized crankset, specifically designed for time trials and triathlon. Design : « article-31326762.html »>…
  • EE Cycle Works brakes (02/05/2009 publié dans : « categorie-610870.html »>Matériel || Stuff )
    They are worth a comparizon with the Terminator T800. EE Cycle Works brake calipers look very agressive. Cleverly thought, the EE brake design was optimized with extensive use of finite
    element analysis. This method helps to find « the » best solution, the
  • Shimano Ultegra 6700 [en] (18/04/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Ultegra 6700 The group « second of range » from Shimano is having a complete update. This Ultegra 6700 replaces the Ultegra 6600 and Ultegra SL. The benefit is 151g on the 6600 and 44g on the
    SL. Prototypes have been under testing since Febuary. The final version is therefore introduced
  • Taipei show [en] (05/04/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    Taipei show is the first opportunity of the year for the manufacturers to unveil the products for the incoming year. The trend definitely continues on its way: the special custom paints both
    on frames and wheels are featured as much as during Eurobike.
  • BOTY 2009 – Tune DC14 – Rotor S2 – Shimano C35 – Milram – RXR [en] (28/03/2009 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Nouveautés / News )
    Please have a look at the contest is doing. They are electing the bike of the year 2009. Only road bikes under 6kg are accepted, other limits are fixed for cross and MTB bikes
    If you think your machine is worth a world class
  • Shimano C35 C75, nouvelles roues 2010 – Lightweight Milram (07/03/2009 « categorieArticle »>publié dans : Nouveautés / News )
    Shimano C75TU – Produit 2010 Nous vous en avons parlé il y a
  • Have a nice ride! (07/03/2009 publié dans : « categorie-610870.html »>Matériel || Stuff )
    Our bike’s quick releases are important safety parts. We can find them within a wide price range, made with different materials, offering more or less clamping strength. First of all, let’s
    look at the stress the skewers have to deal with. Which
  • Press corner (23/02/2009 publié dans : « categorie-10148937.html »>Boutique )
    You will find in this section the press article speaking about our custom handbuilt wheels work since the website was created. The pro and amateur riders riding our wheels we wish to sponsor
    will also be mentionned  – Sébastien
  • Kurve brakes (14/02/2009 publié dans : « categorie-146171.html »>Nouveautés / News )
    This morning was very, dry, cold with only -8°C. We took the opportunity to take sharp pictures of the Kurve brakes we are currently testing. England brand Kurve makes calipers since early
  • Rotor Agilis crankset (03/02/2009 publié dans : « categorie-610870.html »>Matériel || Stuff )
    Made by the spanish company Rotor, the Agilis crankset will be part of the « Cervelo Test Team » 2009 equipment, where is his leader Carlos Sastre, winner of the last Tour de France. The team
    announced that its goal is to take advantage of professional
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