Eurobike – Day 1 – 2nd part


Oh yes, the new hub and new system is unveiled today. A substantial weight save is coming along with new freewheel. The Mag90 weights 99g, a 95g hub has left the factory too. The particularity of this hub concerns its functionning by magnetics: the freewheel does not function through mechanical springs, but through magnetized internals parts. This is a true revolution in the hub field.
The axle is getting bigger, from 15mm it now is 17mm. The carbon axle is no more, it is replaced by aluminium. Thus the bearings are different too. The 6802 are replaced by 6803 mainly, and the XOT double bearing is abandonned. The hub also receives extra machinnings.
This new freewheel will only be featured as Tune’s skyline wheels, whose lightest wheels will easily pass under the 750g…

The Mag130 is cancelled.


Brought back to life, the Pro VT1 is now labelled through Reynolds brand as RZR. The functionning of the wheel looks the same as before, however the set is weighting about 40g more. The weight of reliability.
The wheels are under test and should be available in April 10. The wheelset is 875g will cost about 4500 euros!


AX-Lightness started a production of rims. They were built with Tune hubs.
The rim weights between 205 and 210g and is offering, we were told, a very good resistance.


The french manufacturer renews its colors for 2010.

The R-SYS are offered in three different colours themes:
– the R-SYS SL has white painted hubs with a carbon center part, machinned rims walls, 1290g

– The R-SYS Premium is slightly lightened: titanium axle for example, 1360g.

– the standard R-SYS is more bling-bling, red anodized hubs, red nipples, red stickers, 1390g.

R-SYS Ultimate and CrossMax Ultimate prototypes were on Mavic booth too. They certainly will be available in 2011.

The Cosmic Carbone SL receives a bigger and more visible sticker.

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