RAR, the project sees the light

After five years of work, we are proud to announce RAR – Roues Artisanales, our wheel brand. RAR is the conclusion of hundreds trials, improvements to make our wheels as performant as possible.

Taken as a whole, one year has passed between the first drawing of the logo and the release today. Graphic art work, colors, components, spoking, we have wanted to offer the best available at this time.

Our range is composed of four models. Tempo receives a 27mm deep aluminium rim, Svelt, Optimal and Magnum respectively feature carbon rims of 32m, 46mm and
They weight from 930g to 1350g for tubulars, and from 1220g to 1570g for clinchers.

Beside these four wheels, we still do offer a full-custom model, following what we are currently doing through this site. Absolute is specially made on order, through a wide
selection of components. Of course, the spoke count and lacing pattern will be adapted to the rider weight.

Concerning the components, all the wheels are equipped with DT Aerolite spokes, guarantee of durability and quality, and the most performant hubs, coming from Alchemy and Tune manufacturers.
All the wheels of the range are coming with padded wheelbags, titanium quick releases, and valve extenders with our logo.
With all their accessories, the price is 799 euros for the Tempo, and 2149 euros for the tubular carbon models.
Regarding the availability, the wheels will be ready for online ordering mid-August.

The website: www.rar-wheels.com

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