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You will find in this section the press article speaking about our custom handbuilt wheels work since the website was created. The pro and amateur riders riding our wheels we wish to sponsor will also be mentionned

– Sébastien Harbonnier
– David Boucher
– Jeannie Longo
– Angéline Deverici

In order to keep a good order, we will put them in chronological order.
We only display the articles where our wheels are featured with pictures and comments. Dozens websites, and some magasines regularly feature the articles of the website and the wheels, but
unfortunately we can’t list all.

2008/2009 L’Acheteur Cycliste

We made an extremely light wheelset for Mr. Richard Jamin who wished to climb very well. He weights more than 90kg, yet the wheels are 984g, and the performances are extremely good!


February edition:

2008/2009 Sébastien Harbonnier

Néo pro for the second yea, Sebastien already won a pro race in 2008 during the Ronde de L’oise despite a bad virus, caught during the Tour du Gabon, he had to fight early in the season.
For his victory, he was using a very high end wheelset composed of the following items: Lew Pro VT1, DT190 Ceramic hubs, 20/32 DT Aerolite spokes, 1080g.
For 2009, he will be using several handbuilt wheels made for mere performance: Edge 1.45 and 1.68 rims, while the hubs are not decided yet. Of course we will still go to a DT Aerolite

2008/2009 David Boucher

David Boucher, Landbouwkerdiet pro team, on his blog:

« I raced the Classique de l’indre with an outstanding wheelset, the best currently available, I had a breakaway which last 153km with Sebastien Turgot and Jean Eudes Demaret,
both great riders. Another rise in the Davidometer: 1272km au compteur […] I also got a distinction Encore une distinction meilleure grimpeur

He was equipped with Lew Pro VT1/Tune Mig70-Extralite SR custom wheelbuild with 20/24 DT Aerolite spokes. He used it between August 2008 to October 2008. Total weight was only 960g…
From the Classic de l’Indre, to the Grand Prix de Fourmies, and the Grand Prix d’Isbergues, David had the chance to ride wheels offering exceptionnal characteristics

For Cyclo-cross 2008/2009, he had two wheelsets:
– Corima Aéro, Tune Mig70/Mag180, 20/32 DT Aerolite spokes, 1280g
– Edge Composites 1.38, DT190 Ceramic, 20/24 DT Aerolite, 1060g

2008/2009 Jeannie Longo

As bike tech enthusiast, Jeannie and his husband are constantly looking for the latest technologies for maximal performances. They contacted us in October to make an extremely fast time trial wheel. After several mails, the best solution we found was a 10 DT Aerolite spokes front wheel, with an Alchemy hub (no friction hub) and an Edge 1.68 rim. We would have prefered Jeannie to keep the stickers on the wheels, but she prefered to peel them off to save weight. Of course!
In order to get the greatest performance, a wheel with only 8 spoke with a s^pecific hub is on its way…  wait & see.

2008/2009 Angéline Deverici

Angéline Deverici is a strong young duathlete. In a recent article, she speaks about her technical choices in the magasine CycloSport: our custom handbuilt wheels.

2007 Top-Vélo

Nice summary from Top-Vélo about how was the website early 2007! Fortunately it was reworked a lot since this date!

2006 L’Acheteur Cycliste

Article about custom handbuilt wheels and some explanations.

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