Firefox 2 [en]

Today I would like not to speak about bike tech but rather about informatic. Indeed the final version 2 of Firefox the famous internet browser has been released this week and so I strongly advise you to install it. The advantages are numerous and it’s much user friendly than the old Microsoft Internet Explorer.

In order to bring some arguments, here is a good  article dealing about the differences between Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer. Feel free to have a look at it.

I’ve got a sympathic little link for you. It’s so ironical that you will be convinced to change your cranky internet explorer Choose Internet Explorer

Our website is as well better viewed with Firefox than with IE and it should be for you one more reason to change it. You are 67% to use this Microsoft software while it’s got the worst graphics (not only).
There are some other softwares too, as Safari for Mac or Camino, they both have an excellent design.

I hope I could convince you to switch and I wish you a good sunday.

Links to download:

Windows (4,9Mo)

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