LOOK Eole wheels

The famous french company called LOOK has worked this year on an wheelset that is an original equipment manufacturer. They will equip their own bikes in 2007.

Destinated to medium range bikes, the VO2 Eole has been drawn by Pierre-Yves. The hubs bodies are forged then machinned from aluminium 7075T6 to receive straight pull spokes. These hubs are original and innovative since they require straight spokes which fit it as traditionnal bent spokes.

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Built with 20 radial front spokes and 24 crossed rear spokes, their colors are differents according to the side of the wheel. Thus, the freewheel bike side has got black spokes while the other side has got silver spokes.

The rear wheel is laced with 16 drive side spokes and 8 non drive side. This 2:1 ratio associated with a specifical hub design and a 24mm deep asymetrical rim results in a perfectly balanced spoke tension on both sides and therefore a stabler wheel.
The distances from the center of the hub and the flanges are respectively 19mm for the right side and 44mm for the left side, we then get a 1:2 ratio while taking into account the 2mm asymetry of the rim (21 and 42mm). The drive side spoke count is twice the left side and so the tensions are the same on both sides of the wheel.

SolidWorks front hub drawing
SolidWorks rear hub drawing

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SolidWorks drive side spoke pattern drawing
SolidWorks non drive side spoke pattern drawing

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SolidWorks rear hub body drawing

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The wheelset is claimed to be very stiff and hits the scale with 1780gr. It’s then not a feather for sure.

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Let’s hope this concept will be pushed in its last cuttings off and will therefore make a very light wheelset.

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