Corima Aéro, Tune Mig45, Mag160, Cx-ray [en]

This is a very classy build, very light, and very fast I chose to present you today. Destinated to a light rider, the low spoke number will however be enough. The very light hubs are both turning on carbon axles.

Front wheel:

The TUNE Mig45 front hub ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) requires straight pull spokes and some tips to place them. One have to tap out the carbon axle, disassemble the flanges and their bearings in order to place the spokes in the flange then put back the axle while tapping it into the bearing/flange combination. Thus the other flange can be placed with its spokes. The hub won’t be retail available and I understand why! 😉
The bearings are made out of steel, I thought they would have come with ceramic ones.
Spokes are Cx-ray, nipples are made out of alloy, they’re stock ones from Sapim, the rim is a Corima aéro with 18 holes.

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Total weight: 505gr

Rear wheel:

The rear wheel is spinning upon a TUNE Mag160 with carbon axle. As usually the bearings are tight and need some breaking in to spin the best as they can. The rear wheel has got 20 Cx-ray 2 times crossed, the drive side nipples are brass while the non drive side ones are made out of alloy from Sapim.

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Total weight: 641gr

The set:

Final wheelset weight: 1146gr

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