Lightweight derailleur

The story is superb. It’s Mr. Eugen Allmendinger‘s one. Passionnated and relentless, he has serious abilities to work the carbon. During his free time, he enjoys making full carbon rear derailleurs… With one week of work to realize one piece, he is unable to follow what the customers and pernickety manufacturers need. Carbon-Sports bought the design.

Originale shape

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Photo ©: Anton

These events happened already three years ago! Originnaly, after the purchase, the german wheel maker announced the derailleur to be available for summer 2006. However, at the Eurobike 2006 (earl in September, see at the bottom of the page), Stefan Behrens had to delay this date. The prototypes weren’t perfectly working yet. He could anyway present the work in progress. An alloy prototype of a different shape with interesting assets…

In short, today the derailleur functions. Some lucky beta-testers will be able to get an exemplary in the following days for the final validation. Official presentation planned for the Eurobike 2007!

The derailleur hits the scale with 119g in classic version… we’ll see with some carbon jockey wheels and a titanium spring.
Even though this criterion is merely subjective, the aesthetism is real sexy… we are really delighted.

Final shape

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