Eurobike 1; Lightweight

The first stand we went when arriving at the Messe in Friedrichshafen was the Lightweight stand. We knew that they had some updated wheels and wanted to have a look at them.

The high profile rims have been enlightened and the wheelsets are now 60gr lighter, furthermore every wheels stiffness is now 14% higher.
Lightweight Generation 2 wheels are definitely becoming the most all around sets.

Standard II  
Spokes Weight
12-20 1060gr
16-20 1075gr
20-20 1090gr
Obermayer II  
Spokes Weight
12-20 960gr
16-20 975gr
20-20 990gr
L’Alpe d’Huez II  
Spokes Max. weight
20-20 970gr

The Lightweight Disc PRO wheel was as well presented, it has a honeycomb structure. The stiffness is 40% higher than the Disc TUNE / DT version. On the other hand it is 90gr heavier. The TUNE / DT version uses foam which explains the lighter weight.

CarbonSports had got a nice new wheel to show as well.
It is a special version of the Ventoux wheel with an external 6K weave and a 3K structure. It looks very nice and it is 10gr lighter than the normal version.

Its hub is using unidirectional carbon weave.

Finally, we asked about the rear derailleur that was announced the last year at the Eurobike. Unfortunately the design wasn’t good enough and the carbon derailleur couldn’t hold well. So the engineers at Lightweight are working on a totally new design to make it very reliable. They have made one in aluminium that weights around 150gr. The weight is not important at this point since it’s only one of the first prototype using the new design.

Last design

New design

We have a few more exclusivities about CarbonSports and so we will let you know soon what they are.
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