Pre-Eurobike article 2 [en]


Beside the brands mentionned in the previous article, we have had a few extra information regarding Fulcrum, that already unveiled its 2010 range (Fulcrum). The Racing 3 and 1, 2010 edition are not breaking new anymore, but the Racing Zero 2010 has not been officielly presented.

1435g, carbon/aluminium hub shell, CULT ceramic bearings, the price is unknown at the moment.


At Ax-Lightness, several new products will be unveiled: the bottle cages at 15g and 69 euros, that are very well designed, and the brake pads holders:

Pictures from pk0r.

You could also see the AX-Lightness factory pictures on this link: Visite Ax
A true pharmaceutical laboratory!


The german manufacturer has been building a couple of super light prototypes for road… new weight records are on their way!
Regarding the hubs, Uli Fahl mainly put the accent on the mountain bike parts. A Lefty compatible hub has seen the light some months ago. Carbon reinforcements in the flanges for the SL version,  oversized ans asymetric shell. Available after the Eurobike in 28 and 32 holes for a 153 euros, standard version, and 253 euros for the SL version.

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