Special Ergopowers for pro teams

Vicence, 3 december 2007 – The pro team sponsorised by Campagnolo will receive Ergopowers with red logos. This solution has been chosen to differenciate
them from the stock shifters. Why? Pro riders wanted Campagnolo to provide Ergopower with rougher shifting. Indeed they prefer a stronger and harder shifting, and so, a shifter that
requires more strength and determination in order to feel clearly the gear changes during the most important moments of the race. These requirements do not meet amateur
riders or racers who prefer the smoothness of the stock shifters. We can compare it to the difference between the gearbox of a race car and an everyday car. The first one is rough, while
the second one is smooth and silent.

These special Ergopowers will be identical to stock shifters but with special stiffer springs, increasing the force required to shift.

The choice of the color refers to the italian automobile race cars world, typically represented by the red.

Source: Campagnolo

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