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It is very hard to get official information about the latest 2008 Look range. The company prefers waiting the end of the month to share both the pictures and the informations to the press. Obvious since the range is said to be available for September.
However, several shops already received the new frames and many eCommerce shops already got every informations! There is something not quite right about it, isn’t it?

Here are the informations about the frames.


The 586 is the new frame. It is the lightest one of the new range. It is a single piece construction i.e no lugs, the seatpost is integrated and the dropouts are in carbon. It seems to be a 595 with no lugs (monocoque construction). Because of its geometry, this frame is aiming a non-racer category. 

  • – Carbon VHM (Very high module)
  • – Fork HSC6, meets the new standard EN14781 safety requirements
  • – Single piece construction, no lugs
  • – E-Post integrated seatpost
  • – Integrated headset, cartridge bearings: 1-1/8" upper and 1-1/4" lower
  • – Compressed carbon dropouts, single piece with the seat stays and chain stays. Derailleur insert is replaceable
  • – 940g in size S, uncut seatpost
  • – Fork weight: 340g

Two colors: black and red/black

993g on the scale

Photo ©: Julien / julmtb.com


No major change, only new colors.

Origin Ultra

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Some new colors plus a new model: the Optimum aiming in priority the cyclo-tourists. The frame is shorter, the steering tube is higher and the stiffness is reduced.

Elle Origin

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Optimum Ultra

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No major change, only new colors.


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  • – Mix of HR, HM et VHM carbon
  • – Fork Look monoblade
  • – Monobloc construction
  • – Weight: 1550g
  • – Fork: 700g including the headset
  • – Still two versions: time trial and track

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