Tune Mag, improvements

Tune hubs have been improved over the last years. The current rear hub range officially includes the Mag150, the Mag160 and the Mag190. They all weight more or less, the figure of their name.

Uli Fahl
crossed a new a limit, which still could be considered reasonable, with new freewheels. They are machinned down to the bare minimum that is required to position the cassette. Considering the power delivered by the riders, only 4 splines are enough to transfer the torque from the cogs to the hub sheel. Eight splines were superfluous since half of them only prevented the cogs to lose contact with the splines that transfer the torque.

Tune Mag190 weight sometimes crossed 190g for the lightest versions with the former rotor.
Troy Watson
, the wheelbuilder of LigeroWheels could receive some of the new hubs. With this new freewheel, the Campagnolo versions hit the scale at 182/184g and the Shimano versions 185/188g, which is a big step forward! Maybe the Mag190 will be called Mag180 soon! Some years ago, the Mag180 were the highest range model with a carbon axle…
At the same time, the Mag160 will hit the scale with 160g (previously 168g) and the Mag150: 153g (previously 161g). In Campa version of course.

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