Topolino CARBON CORE 2007 & X-Treme 2007 [en]

Topolino 2007

New Topolino wheels will be available for 2007, thanks to new hubs, the wheels are lighter, stronger and stiffer. CARBON CORE hubs are made out of composites fibers and use larger flanges that bring some extra lateral stiffness.
The rear hub has an upgraded axle and the rotor has got roller bearings. 30gr are saved only on the rear hub.
A Shimano 10v rotor and some
ABEC-5 ceramic bearings will be available as an option. ABEC is an american standard about the accuracy of a bearing: Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (english Wikipédia link).

The range has got 3 differents models, all using 24 and 30 composites spokes :

Model Weight Rim  Price
CX2.0 1360gr Alloy 19,5mm  1199$
AX3.0 1460gr Alloy 30mm  1199$
VX4.0 1125gr Carbon 40mm  1999$

The prices includes the titanium quick releases.

X-Treme 2007

Presented at the Eurobike, the new wheel BLADE ELITE from X-Treme will cut the wind in 2007 with 16 front spokes, 20 rear ones and a very high 80mm rim. The front wheel is claimed to be 605gr and the rear one 785gr. The rim is very light for such a height: 480/490gr. The wheels will use Cx-ray spokes.

The Aeromax Elite will be more specific again since they should be used for the triathlon or time-trials. A 90mm rim with three spokes make this wheel almost a disk!
Claimed to be 749gr the front and 890gr the rear.

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