Fibre-Lyte carbon chainrings, 1st test

Today was the first ride with the Fibre-Lyte carbon chainrings Roues Artisanales could get thanks to Fairwheelbikes. A short and slow 2 hours recovery ride with a brand new Campagnolo Record CR 5.9mm wide chain and a cheap new Miche 10s cassette used on training wheels.

Here is the bike they’re tested out on, the only difference with today ride is the wheels; they are classic training wheels with 32/36 3 times crossed 2mm spokes with Open Pro rims and Centaur hubs. This is my service course bike (except wheels and chainrings)

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So my first feeling riding these chainrings is that I simply couldn’t notice any difference with the traditionnal alloy ones while riding normally.
Gear changes are pretty quick, quicker than with the FSA Pro Road chainrings I used before. I’ve been well surprised by the quality of the shift though. I didn’t expect them to be that good to shift.

After a few kilometers, my legs got better and better and finally I decided to do some accelerations even it was a recovery ride.
The big chainring went easily out of shape each time I pushed the pedals, I definitely didn’t find them stiff although I could read they were stiffer than alloy rings. It was no problem of course but I’d like to mention they’re flexier than the previous rings I used.

I didn’t try to shift to the 53 teeth chainring under load yet but I’ll try it tomorrow.

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