Corima Aéro, TUNE Mig70, Mag190, Cx-ray [en]

This afternoon, I propose a french/german build based upon Corima Aero rims and TUNE hubs. These parts whose reliability is well proven are laced thanks to Cx-ray spokes. Main purpose of the wheels is triathlon so aerodynamical properties are the most important but final weight is important as well.

Front wheel:

In order to reduce drag, 20 radials spokes with heads out have been used. Bracing angle is lower than with heads in so it reduces stiffness but increase aerodynamic. Front hub is a black TUNE Mig70.

Weigth: 540gr

Rear wheel:

Rear wheel aerodynamic is less important than front wheel one, 28 spokes 3 times crossed were laced. Almost tangential to the hub, wheel torque transfer will be maximized. The very light Mag190 hub is only 188gr.



Weight: 699gr

The set:

Final weight: 1239gr

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