Corima Winium/aero, TUNE Mig 70, DT 240s, Cx-ray [en]

Here is a versatile built that will be used on any roads. This wheelset main objectives were reliability, lightness, and no crosswind issue while staying on a final reasonable sum.

Front wheel:

Corima Winium front rim has been naturally chosen in order to reduce crosswind effects. We couldn’t switch to another brand since any other light weight and low profile rim was far more expensive.  TUNE Mig70 front hub is here used since it’s light weight and reliable. 24 Cx-ray spokes 2x lace the rim to the hub.

Weight: 510gr

Rear wheel:

Rear rim is an Aero from the same brand to have an extra stiffness. Rear hub is a DT240s that is more waterproof than TUNE rear hubs but slightly heavier. We went to 28 Cx-ray spokes 3 times crossed for an optimal torque transfer.



Weight: 721gr

The set:

Final weight: 1231gr

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