Taipei bike show 3: Pillar, Blackwell Research, Pro Lite [en]

Weight weenie friend Billy Lannom visited the Taipei Bike Show and delivered a hughe number of pictures to Roues Artisanales. Thx a lot!

Let’s continue the Taipei show news after the articles showing Deda, Cinelli, Syntace and SRAM, FSA et Miche.

1. Pillar

Pillar showed his new spoke with head and thread made by stainless steel with an aero part made out of carbon weighting 5gr in spite of it’s impressive size 2,3/6,0*1,8/2,0

Another new spoke is coming from Pillar, the Quadro butted spoke. We’ve unfortunately no picture about it but informations coming directly from Pillar.
2. Blackwell Research

Wheels announced in a last article are shown in exclusivity on Taipei show:

2. Pro Lite

Pro lite seems already using the rims from the brand just above!

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