Time Hi-Tense – KCNC quick releases

We presented the last summer the
newest Time Hi-Tense wheels, designed through Frullani concept: the rear wheel spokes tension are
balanced and regular. The official presentation of the concept, as well as the wheels tests took place in Majorca a few days ago.
We invit you to have a look at our partner Arueda.com to know more.
If you do not speak spanish, here are the most important points:

  •  – the bracing angles of the rear wheel are particularly balanced
  •  – the spoke tensions on both sides of the rear wheel are more balanced than on a standard wheel (3/2 ratio instead of 2/1 usually)
  •  – the spoke tensions are very consistent
  •  – the spoke tensions are very high, 150kg for the drive side and 100kg on the opposite side
  •  – the wheel remains very stiff, even under very high loads
  •  – the distorsion between the brake pads is lower than most race wheels

KCNC, specialized in to the manufacturing of high quality alloy components; unveiled its newest item: the quick releases.
They are very light: only 42g the road set and 44g the MTB set, very affordable: only $50, and pretty.
The materials used here are the alloy for the levers, and the titanium for the axles..

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