Build Zipp 285, TUNE Mig70/Mag190, cx-ray

The presented build here is incredibly versatile. It’s very light weight, high in stiffness, and has good aerodynamic properties. Suitable for going uphills, mountains, flat stages, and criteriums at full speed. You won’t even notice them.

Front wheel:

The front wheel is similar to the one shown some weeks ago, except for the spoke lacing that’s radial with heads in. This pattern slightly increases lateral stiffness through a better bracing angle. It does cause the wheel to be slightly less aero though. With 20 cx-ray spokes laced to a TUNE Mig70 hub and a Zipp 285 rim, it looks like it has been on a diet for a while:


Weight: 472gr

Rear wheel:

28 spokes crossed 3 times allows for the best torque transfer possible on a custom wheelset, because the spoke angle coming from the hub is almost tangential.
Stiffness level is really good as well thanks to the new Zipp 285 rims that have improved in stiffness over the older 280.
The rear TUNE Mag190 hub is from an excellent series. It’s only 184gr! But still, bearings are very tight and require some running-in to be smooth.


Weight: 617gr

The set:

Final weight: 1089gr

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