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First introduced at the Eurobike 2004 show as a cyclocross frame with the option to configure as a trekking frame. After extensive testing throughout 2004 and 2005, now available to the general public.

The carbon frame is completely hand made in Germany. Nominal weight is 1100g for a 56cm frame size. It’s available in full custom configuration and is tailored to meet individual sizing and geometry requirements. Tube sets are matched to a cyclist’s weight and desired stiffness properties. Choice of decal design and frame finish is completely customizable.

A full custom SPIN also includes a complete fitting session on a Framestar frame design system. It’s capable of fully simulating the position of a cyclist, including all the connecting components and  weight distribution on a bike. The Framestar software then further facilitates the final frame design by taking all the relevant data into account.

Some build examples:

For additional information see:

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