Scott Addict SL 3.6 [en]

This year, two super light bikes have been presented at the Eurobike. The first one at Spin booth, is the « world’s lightest bike ». We will not present it because this challenge is turning to real
madness and doesn’t really bring something interesting. As information, this bike only has 6 cogs, from 11 to 16, it has got downtube shifters. About the aesthetics, it could certainly have been
nicer. In short, we pass over the details… and the whole bike even though it only weights 3.3 kg.

The second bike really shows creativity and assembling effort. Basically, every light bikes are all black because of the carbon. This one follow the rule. The touch of metal are rare.
Sebastian Roth chose a Scott Addict for his project. Exoticand handmade components, hand tuned parts, most of the components are either unavailable on the market either very
pricey. Let’s see together what are the particularities of this 3610g machine.

Scott Addict SL

First of all, the frame is all sanded to remove any trace of coat and thus, have the lowest weight. Then, a very thin clear coat is used to protect the carbon from the scratches. It weights a mere
The fork is coming from the german manufacturer THM Carbones. With some modifications, it is only 221g.

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Lightweight Challenge 700

The wheels are the all new Challenge 700 from Lightweight. With only 759,6g these wheels are the lightest ever built. They feature full carbon spokes for a higher stiffness, just
like all the Generation 3 Obermayer and Standard wheels. It makes them look a little like the Mavic CCU.
Only a couple of these wheels have been made until today. It is only a project, that’s why they are not in the 08′ catalog. On this bike, the lightest one have been chosen. The wheels were mostly
all around 760g and 790g. The Challenge 700 feature several details, which will be used for the later Obermayer wheels.

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The seatpost and saddle combo

This component is incredible, technically speaking. The saddle and the seatpost are only one piece. Nothing really new but the particularity of this component is to be entirely monobloc . Usually,
saddle and seatpost combo are somewhat two pieces, originally separated, then bonded. Here the fibres are not interrupted, it brings an exceptionnal resistance and especially a fluid and superb
line. The weight of this combo is incredibly low: 104,9g!
It seems like, Charlie Mike, behind this, has serious knowledge to work the black fiber. Fantasy touch, a small cow on the saddle makes it look funny although it’s a very
specialized and light part!

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The Ergo hoods

The german BTP carbon fibre hoods reduce the weight of the shifters. With only 10g a set, this part add an extra exotic touch to the bike. We can’t complain about the grip or the fit onto the
Ergopower body. It seems like it is a real future best-seller for all techno-weenies.

The stem

If there were a component we could criticize on this bike, it is this one. Entirely made out of carbon, the torque have to be quite low to prevent the fibers from being crushed. The stem/handlebar
stiffness is correct but it will not be enough for a racer or a cyclo well padded. In this case, it will be smart to use an oversized alloy combo such as Deda Newton for example. About the weight,
the stem hit the scale with 60g and the bars are about the same weight as two gulps of energetic drink! (134,6g)

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The transmission and the braking

You can notice that a bike correctly assembled and really rideable from these points. Here the shifters are Campagnolo Record. The chainring shifter is on the downtube while the rear derailleur one
is a standard Record on the handlebars. It is actually not a standard shifter, several parts have been lightened or removed.
The derailleurs are from Lightweight or Campagnolo Record. The rear one is less than 100g, this is the latest baby of Carbon-Sports, which is not really available yet, but it is already tuned…!
Normally you have to count about 120g for the derailleur, change the jockey wheels to save 10g, make it perspire a bit more with alloy bolts for an extra diet.
The front one is a Record. Well.. originally it was. There is not a lot of things left from Campagnolo on this component. The spring is titanium, some plastic inserts are removed, the entire body
in in carbon, etc… 32,2g for the whole component!

The KMC X10SL chain is very reliable and well tested. The Stronglight alloy cassette is not the best one for the
longevity. It will wear quicker than a traditionnal cassette but still, you can ride thousands kilometers with it!
The chainrings come from Fibre-Lyte in super light version. The stiffness is lower than the standard version but enough if the watts are not too high. About the length of life, we have to tell that
they are excellent. The only thing we have to worry about is to reduce the power while shifting. You can expect from 2000km to 5000km depending on the using mode and the cleanings!

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Now, last but not least, the braking is incredibly smooth. The lowest strength on the lever activate the caliper. This is far from what the italian manufacturer Campagnolo proposes, on standard
with its housings. The Powercordz cables coupled with Nokon carbon housings work flawlessly. Ax-Lightness caliper springs come back to position perfectly. This is, we have to enlighten it, rarely
the case of the very light salon bikes…

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Sebastian Roth, presents us his 6,6kg mountain bike!
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